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Barracks for the Troops. Page 1

"Cavalry Orderly Rooms". This is an original CDV photograph showing 2 brick buildings, most likely in Sandhurst (now known as Bendigo), Victoria, Australia. The closer building has a three branched emblem above the doorway, and the words "Cavalry Orderly Room" are sign written on the panel just above the door.  
Photographer: Batchelder, Pall Mall, Sandhurst, Australia. Date: Not dated, Benjamin Pierce Batchelder is recorded as being active at Sandhurst in 1866 to 1867.
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Sergeants Quarters, School of Instruction, Enoggera Queensland 1916 The recruits did their sleeping in tents at Enoggera Queensland 1916
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Exterior of the old wooden barracks at Woodside SA Interior of the barracks at Woodside SA. Every Digger got the same equipment. 1 bed, 1 steel locker, 1 table and 1 chair.
The 16 bed metal buildings at Singleton NSW in the mid 1960's
Click to enlarge The barracks at Selarang in Singapore. Built in the late 1930's and still in use today by the Singapore Armed Forces. Used by Australian POW's  1942/45 and ANZUK 1970/74. Click to enlarge

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