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The Japs...hated, sometimes feared but beaten anyway.

It did not take long for Diggers to come to hate the Japanese as they had never hated any other foe.

Brutality, no respect for POWs and later the threat of cannibalism of the dead (their own and ours) were the causes.

jap-guard.jpg (20783 bytes) Portrait of Japanese guard, Sukiama Mudo. The white panel on the left hand shirt pocket is inscribed with characters indicating name and rank. The badge on the left sleeve is a 'gun zok' which means that he is a 'military civilian.' Such people were employed by the Japanese Army and Navy during the Second World War.
Balikpapan, Borneo. 1945-11-08. Lieutenant Madono Atsushi, a suspected Japanese war criminal, awaits interrogation at Headquarters 7th Division. 

He is accused of participating of his own accord in the execution of natives at Ioa Koeloe on 1945-07-30, and of beheading two men and driving his sword into a woman. 

He is also accused of executing four victims with his sword during 1945-06. (Photographer Sgt R Donaldson)

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On parade Japs in the jungle
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 Molotov cocktail  Farewell to the pilots
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Death of a ship Jungle warriors
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Japanese flamethrower at work

Delivering the bombs
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Official parade You want some saké?
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Seaplane base workers Tanks on the prowl
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Motorbike in the mush

A boy and his bomb.

Many of these images are actually postcards produced by the Japanese military to act as propaganda items.


17-a.jpg (79591 bytes)

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Ready for takeoff, jungle strip Worship the Emperor

LABUAN ISLAND. 1945-09-17. 

The dead body of the Japanese Commandant of Kuching POW Camp, Colonel Suga, who had been brought to  Labuan by flying boat six days earlier and kept in a small barbed wire enclosure covered by a tent fly. 

Lt-Colonel Suga was formerly Commandant of Prisoner of War Compounds at Kuching and Sandakan.

 He was apprehended as a war criminal and taken to a surrender camp at Labuan Island where he committed suicide early in the morning of 16 September. He committed suicide by stabbing his throat with a table knife, so bleeding to death. The water bottle near his head was half filled with sand and, according to the story of his batman, Kwanaka Yoshiro, who assisted his master, Suga struck himself on the head with it several times. Other reports suggest his batman aided his suicide by using his sand filled water bottle to fracture his skull.

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