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1st Military Police Battalion colour patch. Introduced in January 2000 with the raising of the 1st Military Police Battalion, which all RACMP personnel now belong regardless of MP unit they serve in except when posted to non-corps positions, MP School (AMPTC) and DFCE. Worn on the right hand side of the puggaree of the Hat Khaki Fur Felt (Hat KFF)    


"The man who commands efficiently must have obeyed others in the past, and the man who obeys dutifully is worthy of being some day a commander." Cicero.

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Current MP uniform (patrol dress)

Shoulder title, all ranks.

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RACMP receive their Governor General's Banner

Military Police One corps, essential to the smooth functioning of the supply system but not part of the transport, supply and maintenance group is the Military Police. The Military Police are responsible for traffic control along supply routes to ensure the most effective use is made of these roads and tracks. They are also charged with the enforcement of discipline, including the investigation of crimes against military regulations, the operation of military prisons, and the processing and detention of prisoners of war. Military Police during both world wars were known as Provosts, earning them the nickname, "provos". Military Police are also known as "redcaps", a nickname derived from the red-topped peaked caps, today red berets, worn by members of the corps.

Brassards (arm bands that attach to the shoulder strap of the shirt) for the Regimental Police (RP) and the Military Police (MP). Regimental Police are normal soldiers in the Unit temporarily tasked as RPs and who are responsible for policing matters inside the Unit area. MPs are professional military police of the Royal Australian Corps of Military Police, or it's New Zealand equivalent.

Editor's note.  

I wander around supermarkets and watch harried young mums who had almost no discipline themselves growing up having all sorts of trouble with 3 year old kids who rule them.

I listen to the arguments about how badly a child's psyche will be damaged by a tap on the bum from a loving parent trying to instil some measure of control. . .

I read the reports from the Magistrates Courts that just get worse and worse . . .

and then I think of the RSM of an Infantry unit who can control grown men using nothing other than voice and force of personality . . .

and I think of the Sergeant and Corporal Instructors who take 40 or 50 young civilians and turn them into "nearly Diggers" in the worst 10 weeks of their young lives without ever laying a finger on one of them;  but they demand and get instant obedience . . .

and I wonder, if the ARMY can teach that degree of control to budding NCO's why can't someone teach it to that young mum?

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