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Category: Army History/WW2

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Unit Histories of WW2 AIF Infantry Battalions

2/1 Battalion AIF The First at War 1939-45 E C Givney.
2/2 Battalion AIF Purple over Green S Wick.
2/3 Battalion AIF War Dance K Clift. 1980.
2/4 Battalion AIF White over Green C. Chrystan.
2/5 Battalion AIF  All the King's Enemies S. Tregellis-Smith 1988.
2/6 Battalion AIF Nothing over Us D. Hay 1984.
2/8 Battalion AIF The Second Eighth
2/9 Battalion AIF  In the Footsteps of Ghosts Bill Spencer 1999
2/9 Battalion AIF Not a Conquering Hero  Frank Rolleston
2/10 Battalion AIF Purple and Blue F. Allchin 1958
2/11 Battalion AIF City of Perth AIB
2/12 Battalion AIF  Of Storms and Rainbows (2 vols) A. Graeme-Evans 1989
2/13 Battalion AIF Bayonets Abroad
2/14 Battalion AIF A History W B Russell. 1948
2/14 Battalion AIF  The Silent Men (Syria to Kokoda) Peter Dornan
2/14 Battalion AIF Men of the 2/14 J C McAllester 1990
2/15 Battalion AIF Let Enemies Beware R Austin
2/16 Battalion AIF A Thousand Men at War M Uren 1959
2/17 Battalion AIF What We Have We Hold
2/18 Battalion AIF Against All Odds 1939-45 J Burfitt 1991
2/19 Battalion AIF Grim Glory of the 2/19th R W Newton
2/21 Battalion AIF Ambon, Island of Mist Courtney T Harrison
2/22 Battalion AIF Rabaul-1942 Douglas Aplin
2/22 Battalion AIF Whereabouts Unknown
2/22 Battalion AIF Rabaul - Hostages to Freedom Peter Stone
2/23 Battalion AIF Mud and Blood "Albury's Own" Pat Share
2/24 Battalion AIF A History of the 2/24 Bn 9th Division R P Serle
2/25 Battalion AIF Men of Courage Allan Draydon
2/26 Battalion AIF  The Battalion Story Ron Magarry
2/27 Battalion AIF Brown and Blue Diamond at War John Burns
2/28 Battalion AIF The Second 28th Phillip Masel
2/30 Battalion AIF Galleghan's Greyhounds Penold; Bayliss & Krispin
2/40 Battalion AIF  Doomed Battalion Peter Henning
2/48 Battalion AIF Tobruk to Tarakan John G Glenn

Unit Histories of Militia Infantry Battalions WW2

22nd Infantry Battalion With the Twenty-second E Gorman
22nd Infantry Battalion Etched in Green Graeme MacFarlane
26th Infantry Battalion Never Unprepared A N Turrell
29th/46th Infantry Bn Unofficial History  Rupert Charlott
31st/51st Infantry Bn At War with...1940-46 Major W E Hughes
36th Infantry Battalion Ike's Marines S & L Briggs. 1970
39th Infantry Battalion To Kokoda and Beyond V Austin
39th Infantry Battalion Those Ragged Bloody Heroes P Brune
42nd Infantry Battalion The Story of .... Cpl S E Benson. 1952
49th Infantry Battalion Always Faithful F Cranston
55th/53rd Infantry Bn That Mob! F M Budden. 1973.
57th/60th Infantry Bn Hold Hard Cobbers (Vol 2) R S Corfield
58th/59th Infantry Bn Militia Battalion at War
58th/59th Infantry Bn The History of ... R Matthews

Unit Histories of non-Infantry Units WW2

2/1 Field Regiment Six Years in Support
2/2 Field Regiment Action Front W Cremor
2/3 Field Regiment Thunder of the Guns L. Bishop
2/4 Field Regiment The Story of ...
2/5 Field Regiment Guns and Gunners
2/6 Field Regiment The 25 Pounders-From Egypt to Borneo John Warby
2/7 Field Regiment A History of ...
2/10 Field Regiment Mates and Memories Robert Goodwin
2/12 Field Regiment Gunfire
2/15 Field Regiment Gunners in the Jungle Whitlocke. 1983
2/3 Anti-Tank Regiment On Target C J E Ray
1st Mountain Battery RAA As It Seems to Us

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