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Category: WW2/Pidgin English

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Pidgin-English to English Dictionary

American light tanks operated by Australians, PNG, on the road to Buna.

NUMERALS (Cardinal)
1 wan one 10 ten ten
2 tu two 11 wanpela ten wan eleven
3 tri three 12 wanpela ten tu twelve
4 fuwa four 13 wanpela ten tri thirteen
5 paib  five 20 tupeIa ten twenty
6 sikis six 21 tupeIa ten wan twenty one
7 sewen seven 30 tripela ten thirty
8 hact eight 31 tripela ten wan thirty one
9 nain nine 100 wan handat one hundred
NUMERALS (Ordinal)
1st nambawan 3rd nambatri
2nd nambatu 4th nambafuwa
Numeral Adjectives and Multipliers
Once wanpela
Twice  tupela
Thrice  tripela
Four times fuwapela
Ten times  tenpela
Eleven times wanpela ten wan
Twenty-two times tupela ten tu

Indicating Numbers with the Hand. In PNG the exact reverse of the Australian method applies. Where we hold fingers (and thumbs) up to indicate numbers, in PNG the method is to fold the appropriate number of fingers down.

The two clenched fists put together indicate 10.


a   adjective miss mission
adv adverb n noun
aux auxiliary naut nautical
card cardinal neg negative
colloq colloquial num numeral
conj conjunction ord ordinal
dem demonstrative prep preposition
excl exclamation pron pronoun
fig figurative Prop proper
imp imperative v verb
indef indefinite v.i. verb intransitive
interrog interrogative v.t. verb transitive
lit literally  

Pidgin to English Conversion Dictionary

ABIRIS v.t. dodge, avoid, evade; go round, circumvent.
ABUS it meat, flesh
ABUSIM v.t. mix, stir together
AGEI excl exclamation covering wistfulness, astonishment.
AIBIKA n edible leaf of a small tripartite leafed shrub with red stem; also the shrub itself. It is cultivated by the natives. Probably Abelmoschus Manihot.
AIDONO v I don't know  
AILA n large, gnarled, softwood tree with oblate leaves.
AILAN n island, small isolated patch of bush in grassy country.
AIN n iron, or steel plane blade; a laundry iron 
AINANGA n whitebait
AINIM v.t. iron
AIS n ice
AISMALANG n sodomy, one who permits sodomy on himself
AITING v.i.  I think so, I reckon; I couldn't say.
AIYADAIN n iodine
AKANGGELO n archangel
AKIS n axe
ALIVIM v.t. relieve or replace; aid.
ALOU  Hello or Hail
AMBILOK n envelope; also SKIN-PAS, q.v.
AMBUSA n porpoise
ANANAS n pineapple (also NANIS, q.v.)
ANANIT adv under, beneath, inferior in status, below.
ANEWEI adv as a matter of fact, at any rate.
ANGGASIP n handkerchief.
ANGGELO n angel
ANGGAU a pseudo, e.g. SAK ANGGAU = dogfish.
ANION n onion, eschalotte
ANIS n ant
ANKA n anchor
ANKARIM v.t. anchor
ANTAP adv above, over, on top; n., Heaven.
ANTEK n deck
ANUTU prop.n God (YABIM)
APOSTEL n apostle
ARAPELA a other
ARATSAIT adv outside, out.
ARIDEI n edge, border, boundary, limit.
AROVA vi change course so its to avoid obstacle (boats and vehicles).
AROVARIM v.t. steer round, sheer off.
AS n buttocks, bottom, stump, underlying cause, place of origin, underside, rear.
ASIS n hatches
ASIT that's it! exactly!
ASKIT n jaw, chin.


like that! that's the way to do it!



aspro, aspirin.






day before yesterday.



tunny fish.



native spinach (Aramanthus gangeticus).






buy, pay, recompense.



afterwards, later, in time, then (future).



break, become impaired, have an accident to, become exhausted or injured, disintegrate.



destroy, break, etc., rape, render useless.



then, after that, in order that, in consequence, so that.~,



short stunted palm-like tree with a feathery leaf about 21ft. long,  growing from the crown of a scarred trunk, on which is borne a single round collective fruit about 6in. in diameter. The trunk may be branched and the tree lives to a great age.

BAIBEL n Bible (also BUK-TAMBU)
BAIRA n hoe
BAK n pocket
BAKSAIT n back (anat), rear, back
BAKTRAUSIS n trousers' pocket
BAL n ball
BALAISIM v.t. Splice
BALATIFUL n bloody fool
BALUS n pigeon or aeroplane
BANANA n banana
BANIS n fence enclosure or compound, ribs; bandage
BANISIM v.t fence, encircle, enclose, bar
BAPTISIMO n baptism (Also WAS-WAS)
BARATA n relative of same generation and same sex (can be either a male or a female); also friendly term of address.
BASAT n bastard, a term of abuse
BASIKET basket
BATA n butter
BATAN n button
BATIRI n battery, torch cell
BAUT v.t put about (Naut.)
BAUTIM  v.t put about (Naut.)
BEG n bag
BEINIT n bayonet
BEITEN v.i. give honour (beiten long ...)
BEK adv back
BEKBOT n port side (Naut.)
BEKIM v.i. recompense, pay back, give back, return, avenge, reply.
BEKPAUDA baking powder
BEKLAIN n rope running from mast head to stern; also rope capable of being used for that purpose. (Naut.)
BEL n abdomen, also believed to be seat of mind and emotions; belly: fuselage of aeroplane.
BELIHAT a state of anger or lust aroused.
BELO n bell, period of rest from work usually denoted by a signal
BELO BEK n signal to return to work
BELO KAIKAI n luncheon, signal to have meal break
BENSIN n benzine
BERET n bread
BET n bed, deck of canoe, resting place, shelf.
BETSEIL n canvas hammock, canvas stretcher bed.
BIA n beer
BIGHET v.i boast, talk arrogantly, or insolently
BIGHET n idle boaster, upstart
BIHAIN adv later, after, following, at the rear of
BIK a big
BIKBEL n fat man; toadfish
BIKBOT n large vessel
BIKBUS n jungle, virgin bush
BIKDAONBILO n hold of a ship
BIKGAN n cannon, piece of ordnance
BIKJUDS n judge
BlKKAMPANI n New Guinea Gold or Bulolo Gold Dredging
BIKMAUS v.i. shout, talk in a loud voice, protest loudly, boast.
BIKMAUS n man of loud words and no deeds, skite; also codfish
BIKNAIT n around midnight
BIKPELA large, big, important, great, huge.
BIKPLES mainland
BIKROT main road
BIKSAN n the hours around midday
BIKSI n angry sea
BIKTAWN n Rabaul
BIL See also BL-, BOL-
BILAK a black
BILAK MISION n black mission helper
BILAKPELA KOKI n black cockatoo
BILAKSIKIN n black people
BILANKET n blanket
BILAS a flash, conceited, dressed or decorated; n., ornaments or decorations.
BILAS v.i show off, be conceited; put on ceremonial dress, ornaments or decorations.
BILASIM v.t. decorate, paint or deck with ornaments
BILESIM v.t. bless  
BILINAT n betel nut: also the tree - family palma, areca catechu and areca macrocarpara tall slender palm with hard palmate branches and cluster of nuts about 1in. long. Cultivated by the natives in coastal areas. Also called BUOI. Mildly narcotic when chewed.
BILIP n belief (miss.)  
BILIPIM v.t. believe in
BILOK n puller block
BILOKIM V.t. to block, as in boxing
BILUPELAPIS n blue parrot fish about 12in. long
BILUT n blood, sap, glue.
BIMBI n butterfly
BIN auxiliary verb to form Past Perfect Indicative
BIN n bean
BINATANG generic term for insects.
BIPI n Burns Philp. (Distinguished between this and PIPI)
BIPO adv before. in the past
BIPOTAIM adv once upon a time, formerly
BIR Also see BR-
BIRELA n umbrella.
BIRIS n bridge, wharf
BIRIS KANDA cane suspension bridge
BIRUM n broom
BIRIMIM v.t. sweep, round up
BIS n beads
BISOP n bishop
BISIKIT n biscuit
BISNIS n clan relationship, clan brother (vide MISMIS); living or trade.
BL- Also see BIL- and BOL-
BOI indentured labourer, native
BOILIM v.t. boil (as in boil water, not the skin infection)
BOINIM v.t. burn, wound with a bullet
BOKIS n box; external female genitals; square boxlike fish about 9in. long which inflates itself when danger is imminent
BOKISAIN n iron dispatch box
BOKIS  AIS n ice chest
BOKIS KAIKAI n food safe or food box
BOKIS LAM n lamp box
BOKIS MARESIN n medicine chest
BOKIS MUSIK gramophone
BOKIS PIKSA n camera
BOKSIN boxing, boxing gloves
BOL n scrotum, lead, bullet
BOLOK n Pulley block
BOLONG be part of, be characterized by, be owned by:  conj., for the purpose of, because, on account of; prep., of, for. Vide grammar.
BOLONGEN poss. pronoun, 3rd person; follows object possessed
BOMBOM cocoanut palm frond; v.i., fish with bombom torches
BONAN n two narrow oblique muscles behind the kidney and inside the abdominal cavity.
BOR  n drill, auger; v.t., borim.
BOSAI bullseye
BOSBOI n native foreman in charge of group of natives
BOSIM be in charge of (men or things), have the care of
BOSKIRU n (boss of the) crew
BOT n  boat
BOTOL n bottle, obsidian
BOTOLWARA water bottle
BOTOLWEL n oil bottle
BR- See also BIR, BAR-, BOR-
BRAS n brass buckles, etc., on police uniform, brassware
BRASPEN n haversack
BRINGIM v.t. take along, lead or conduct, fetch, bring (word or news).
BROS n brush
BROS n chest
BROSIM v.t. brush
BRUK a & v.i. broken, break
BRUKIM break, fold, dig or cut (ground)
BRUS n leaf tobacco, cigar.
BUK n boil, knot, lump, notch
BULMAKAU n cow, bullock, dugong
BUM long pole to extend the bottom of a sail, boom (Naut.)
BUN n bone
BUNARA n an archer's how
BUNATING a emaciated.
BUNG n meeting or gathering, market
BUNG v.i. gather together, flock, congregate
BUNGIM v.t. put in one heap, make a pile, collect together
BUOI n betel nut, betel nut palin; see BIJANAT.
DAI n death
DAI v.i. referring to past means to die - LONGTAIM I DAI NAU; faint; (of engines) cease; (of lamps or fire) be extinguished; TOK I DAI NAU - matter to be regarded as settled, no more argument; become anesthetized.
DAI L0NG v.t. to want badly, long for
DAI PINIS v.i. die, died
DINAMAIT n dynamite
DAKA n green coloured fruit of the small pepper vine (piper betle). It is hard, about the thickness of a pencil and two to four inches long. It is chewed with betel nut and is peppery to taste.
DAN a cooked
DANGIL n mackerel
DARAI a dry, withered
DARAI n ripe cocoanut
DARAIDOK n slipway to careen boats or repair them
DARAIWARA n low tide
DATI a soiled, unclean; n.. hair, spittle, finger- and toenails, excreta. part of intimate clothing or scraps of tasted food -all the-e are referred to as DATI when they are used to bewitch the person Who owns them.
DATI TUMAS a filthy
DAUN adv below, underneath, down. PLES DAUN - the Earth
DAUNIM v.t. put down, swallow
DAUNPILO adv down below, below
DEO prop.n. God
DISPELA dem.a. this
DEWEL n  soul, shadow, reflection, image.
DEWEL TAKONDO prop.n. Holy Ghost
DIDIMAN n Department of Agriculture, field staff of same
DINAUR n debt, obligation
DIP n dipping halyard on top gaff of a sail
DRING v.t. drink

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