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Category: WW2/2nd AIF

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1st Armoured Division 1st Armoured Brigade 2nd Armoured Brigade

Armoured Regiments:

2/5th, 2/6th, 2/7th 2/8th, 2/9th, 2/10th
  • 2/11th Armoured Car Regiment (New South Wales)
  • 16th Field Regiment, RAA (Royal Australian Artillery)
  • 108th Anti-Tank Regiment, RAA
  • 2/3rd Field Squadron, RAE (Royal Australian Engineers)
  • 4th Field Squadron, RAE
  • 2/1st Field Park Squadron, RAE
  • 1st Australian Armoured Brigade
  • 2/5th Armoured Regiment (Queensland)
  • 2/6th Armoured Regiment (New South Wales)
  • 2/7th Armoured Regiment (New South Wales)
  • 2nd Australian Armoured Brigade
  • 2/8th Armoured Regiment (Victoria)
  • 2/9th Armoured Regiment (South Australia/Tasmania)
  • 2/10th Armoured Regiment (Western Australia)

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