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First Australian Infantry Division ACMF

This is an Australian Citizens Military Force unit and should not be confused with the 1st Division AIF of Gallipoli fame.

Sub category index

  • 1st Infantry Division
  • 1st Field Regiment, RAA
  •  9th Field Regiment, RAA
  • 103rd Anti-Tank Regiment, RAA
  • 1st Field Company, RAE
  •  9th Field Company, RAE
  • 51st Field Park Company, RAE 

    1st Infantry Brigade
  • 2nd Infantry Battalion
  • 13th Infantry Battalion
  • 33rd Infantry Battalion
  • 41st Infantry Battalion

    9th Infantry Brigade
  • 1st Infantry Battalion
  • 17th Infantry Battalion
  • 18th Infantry Battalion
  • 45th Infantry Battalion
  • The Sydney University Regiment



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