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Category: Boer War

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COLONIAL CONTINGENTS  in the BOER WAR (2nd Anglo-Boer War)

A souvenir booklet from 1899 of the departure of the Victorian & Tasmanian contingents. Note the Red Ensign on the cover. Note also the right hand turn-up on the slouch hats of the Tasmanians.

NSW Units, Boer War

NSW Lanc. New South Wales Lancers
NSWAMC New South Wales Army Medical Corps
'A'NSWMR 'A' Squadron NSW Mounted Rifles
NSWInf. New South Wales Infantry (later "E" Squadron. 1NSWMR)
1Aust.H First Australian Horse
'A'RAA(NSW) 'A' Bty. Royal Australian Artillery (NSW)
1NSWMR First New South Wales Mounted Rifles
NSWCB New South Wales Citizens' Bushmen
NSWIB New South Wales Imperial Bushmen
2NSWMR Second New South Wales Mounted Rifles
3NSWMR Third New South Wales Mounted Rifles
3NSWIB Third New South Wales Imperial Bushmen
1ACH(NSW) First Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (NSW)
CAMC(NSW) Commonwealth Army Medical Corps (NSW)
3ACH(NSW) Third Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (NSW)
5ACH(NSW) Fifth Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (NSW)
SSO(NSW) Special Service Officers (NSW)

Victorian Units, Boer War

1VMI First Victorian (Infantry and Mounted Infantry) Contingent
2VMR Second Victorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent
3VB Third Victorian (Bushmen's) Contingent
Vic.Nurses Victorian Nursing Sisters
4VIB Fourth Victorian (Imperial) Contingent
5VMR Fifth Victorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent
Scot.H Recruits for Scottish Horse
SSO(Vic.) Special Service Officers (Victoria)
2ACH(Vic.) Second Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Vic.)
CAMC(Vic.) Commonwealth Army Medical Corps (Vic.)
4ACH(Vic) Fourth Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Vic.)
6ACH(Vic) Sixth Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Vic.)

Queensland Units, Boer War

1QMI First (Queensland Mounted Infantry) Contingent
2QMI Second (Queensland Mounted Infantry) Contingent
3QMI Third (Queensland Mounted Infantry) Contingent
4QIB Fourth (Queensland Imperial Bushmen) Contingent
5QIB Fifth (Queensland Imperial Bushmen) Contingent
6QIB Sixth (Queensland Imperial Bushmen) Contingent
SSO(Q) Special Service Officers (Queensland)
1ACH(Q) First Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Qld.)
CAMC(Q) Commonwealth Army Medical Corps (Qld.)
3ACH(Q) Third Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Qld.)
7ACH(Q) Seventh Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Qld.)

South Australian Units, Boer War

1SAMR First South Australian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent
2SAMR Second South Australian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent
3SACB Third South Australian (Citizens' Bushmen) Contingent
4SAIB Fourth South Australian (Imperial Bushmen) Contingent
5SAIB Fifth South Australian (Imperial) Contingent
6SAIB Sixth South Australian (Imperial) Contingent
SSO(SA) Special Service Officers (South Australia)
2ACH(SA) Second Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (SA)
AAMC(SA) Australian Army Medical Corps (SA)
4ACH(SA) Fourth Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (SA)
8ACH(SA) Eighth Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (SA)

Western Australian Units, Boer War

1WAMI First Western Australian (Mounted Infantry) Contingent
2WAMI Second Western Australian (Mounted Infantry) Contingent
3WAB Third Western Australian (Bushmen's) Contingent
4WAMI Fourth Western Australian (Mounted Infantry) Contingent
5WAMI Fifth Western Australian (Mounted Infantry) Contingent
6WAMI Sixth Western Australian (Mounted Infantry) Contingent
2ACH(WA) Second Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Western Australia)
AAMC(WA) Australian Army Medical Corps (Western Australia)
4ACH(WA) Fourth Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Western Australia)
8ACH(WA) Eighth Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Western Australia)

Tasmanian Units Boer War

1TMI First Tasmanian (Mounted Infantry) Contingent
2TB Second Tasmanian (Bushmen) Contingent
3TIB Third Tasmanian (Imperial Bushmen) Contingent
4TIB Fourth Tasmanian (Imperial Bushmen) Contingent
SSO(Tas.) Special Service Officers (Tasmania)
1ACH(Tas.) First Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tasmania.)
3ACH(Tas.) Third Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tasmania.)
8ACH(Tas.) Eighth Battalion Australian Commonwealth Horse (Tasmania.)
The top part of this list is not necessarily 100% complete and does not contain the Units formed in South Africa that may have contained Australians & New Zealanders, of which the Bushveldt Carbineers is the best known. See below for that list.


  • New South Wales
    • 1st Australian Horse (New South Wales)
    • New South Wales Artillery
    • New South Wales Field Hospital and Bearer Company
    • New South Wales Mounted Infantry
    • 1st New South Wales Mounted Rifles
    • 3rd New South Wales Mounted Rifles
    • 1st New South Wales Bushmen
    • 6th Imperial Bushmen (4th New South Wales Contingent)
    • 3rd New South Wales Bushmen
    • New South Wales Lancers
  • Victoria 
    • 1st 2nd, 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles and Mounted Infantry
    • 3rd Victorian Contingent also designated as Victorian Bushmen 
    • Australian Bushmen Army Medical Corps
  • Queensland
    • Queensland Mounted Infantry
    • 3rd Queensland Bushmen
    • 4th Queensland Imperial Bushmen
  • Tasmania
    • Tasmanian Mounted Infantry
    • First or Cameron's Tasmanian Contingent
    • 1st Tasmanian Bushmen
    • 1st Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen
    • 2nd Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen
    • 4th Regiment Imperial Bushmen 
  • West Australia
    • 1st West Australian Mounted Infantry
    • 1st and 2nd West Australian Contingents
    • 3rd West Australian (Bushmen) Contingent
    • 4th West Australian Contingent (West Australian Imperial Bushmen)
    • 5th and 6th West Australian Contingents
  • South Australia
    • South Australian Mounted Rifles
    • 3rd South Australian (Bushmen) Contingent
    • 4th South Australian (Imperial Bushmen) Contingent
    • 5th and 6th Australian Contingent
    • Royal Australian Artillery
    • Australian Army Medical Corps
    • Doyle's Scouts
    • Intelligence Department
    • 1st Commonwealth Horse 
    • 2nd thru 8th Australian Commonwealth Horse

New Zealand

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Contingents consisting of New Zealand Mounted Rifles and one Hotchkiss Gun Detachment
    • New Zealand Battery
    • New Zealand Mounted Infantry


  • Canadian Artillery:
    •  "C ", "D" and "E" batteries
  • Royal Canadian Dragoons
  • The Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Rifles
  • 2nd Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles
  • Lord Strathcona's Corps (Horse)


  • Lumsden's Horse


  • Ceylon Mounted Infantry 

West Indies

  • West India Regiment

British Units

  • Naval Brigade
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Marines
  • Cavalry Household Cavalry
  • 1st King's Dragoon Guards
  • 6th Carabineers
  • 2nd Scots Greys
  • Scots Guards,
  • 1st & 2nd Life Guards,
  • 1st & 2nd Royal Horse Guards (Blues)
  • 6th lnniskilling Dragoons
  • 5th Royal Irish Lancers
  • 9th Queen's Lancers
  • 12th Prince of Wales Royal Lancers
  • 16th (Queen's) Lancers
  • 17th (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Lancers
  • 3rd Hussars (King's Own)
  • 7th Hussars ( Queen's Own)
  • 13th Hussars (King's Royal Irish)
  • 10th Hussars (Prince of Wales's Own)
  • 13th Hussars
  • 14th (King's) Hussars
  • 18th (Victoria Mary, Princess of Wales's Own) Hussars
  • 19th (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal) Hussars
  • 20th Hussars Imperial Yeomanry
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, l0th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, Royal Artillery (Horse Field Garrison)
  • Elswick Battery
  • Honorable Artillery Company
  • Natal Hotchkiss Detachment
  • Royal Artillery Mounted Rifles 
  • Royal Dragoons,
  • 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys)  
  • 6th (Inniskilling) Dragoon Guards,
  • 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards
  • 2nd ( Queen's Bays) Dragoon Guards
  • 3rd (Prince of Wales's) Dragoon Guards
  • 5th ( Princess Charlotte of Wales's)
  • Dragoon Guards
  • 6th (Carabineers) Dragoon Guards
  • 7th (Princess Royal's)
  • Devonshire Regiment,
  • 1st & 2nd Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
  • 2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers
  • 1st Royal Irish Regiment
  • 1st King's Royal Rifle Corps (60th Rifles)
  • 2nd Kings Royal Rifle Corps
  • 3rd King's Royal Rifle Corps
  • 4th King's Royal Rifle Corps
  • 9th King's Rifle Corps
  • 2nd Royal Irish Rifles
  • Royal Dublin Fusiliers,
  • 1st & 2nd2nd East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)
  • 2nd Royal West Kent Regiment 
  • (The Queen's Own) Border Regiment,
  • 1st Coldstream Guards,
  • 1st & 2nd Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry,
  • 2nd Grenadier Guards,
  • 2nd & 3rd Scots Guards,
  • 1st The Royal Scots,
  • 1st & 3rd West Surrey,
  • 2nd (The Queen's) Northumberland Fusiliers
  • Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders,
  • 1st Royal Fusiliers,
  • 2nd King's Liverpool Regiment,
  • The Lincolnshire Regiment,
  • 2nd The King's Own Liverpool Regiment,
  • 1st Manchester Regiment,
  • 1st & 2ndDuke of Cambridge's Own Middlesex Regiment,
  • 2nd Suffolk Regiment,
  • 1st Bedfordshire Regiment,
  • 2nd Leicestershire Regiment,
  • 1st Yorkshire Regiment,
  • 1st East Yorkshire Regiment
  • 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment,
  • 2nd Lancashire Fusiliers
  • 2nd Royal Lancaster Regiment
  • Royal Scots Fusiliers,
  • 2nd Cheshire Regiment,
  • 2nd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
  • South Wales Borderers,
  • 2nd King's Own Scottish Borderers,
  • 1st Shropshire Light infantry,
  • 2nd (King's) Somersetshire Light Infantry
  • 2nd (Prince Albert's) Scottish Rifles
  • 1st Scottish Rifles
  • 2nd ( The Cameronians) Scottish Rifles
  • 4th Gloucestershire Regiment,
  • 1st & 2nd Worcestershire Regiment,
  • 1st & 2nd East Surrey Regiment,
  • 2ndDuke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
  • West Riding Regiment,
  • 1st (Duke of Wellington's) Royal Sussex,
  • 1st Royal Warwickshire Regiment,
  • 2nd Hampshire Regiment,
  • 2nd Dorsetshire Regiment,
  • 2nd Welsh Regiment,
  • 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers,
  • 1st Black Watch,
  • 2nd Bn (Royal Highlanders) 
  • Oxford Light Infantry 
  • Essex Regiment,
  • 1st & 2ndDerbyshire Regiment
  • 1st (Sherwood Foresters)
  • 1st Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
  • 1st East Lancashire Regimen
  • 1st South Lancashire Regiment
  • Royal Berkshire
  • 2nd King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry,
  • 2nd King's Shropshire Light Infantry,
  • 2nd King's Royal Rifles
  • Wiltshire Regiment,
  • 2nd (Duke of Edinburgh's) North Staffordshire Regiment,
  • 2nd South Staffordshire,
  • 1st & 4th York and Lancaster Regiment,
  • 1st Durham Light Infantry,
  • 1st Seaforth Highlanders,
  • 2nd Ross-Shire Buffs,
  • The Duke of Albany's Gordon Highlanders,
  • 1st & 2ndRoyal Irish Rifles Connaught Rangers
  • 1st Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 
  • 1st Leincester Regiment,
  • 2nd Royal Munster Fusiliers,
  • 1st & 2ndNorfolk Regiment,
  • 2nd Northamptonshire Regiment,
  • 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers,
  • 2nd Oxfordshire Light Infantry,
  • 1st Highland Light infantry,
  • 1st The Prince Consort's own Rifle Brigade,
  • 1st Rifle Brigade,
  • 2nd Mounted Infantry
  • Alderson's Mounted infantry
  • Amphlett's Mounted Infantry
  • Hannay's Mounted Infantry
  • Hickman's Mounted Infantry
  • Martyr's Mounted Infantry
  • Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
  • Composite Regiment Mounted Infantry
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 18th (Sharpshooters), 
  • 19th (Paget's Horse), 
  • 20th (Roughriders), 
  • 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th Burma Mounted Infantry
  • Gough's Mounted Infantry
  • Malta Mounted Infantry Mounted Pioneers
  • Medical 
  • Royal Army Medical Corps
  • Royal Army Nursing Service
  • Army Service Corps
  • Army Veterinary Department
  • Army Ordnance Department
  • Army Chaplain's Department
  • Divisional Scouting Corps
  • Military Police
  • Corps of Military Mounted Police
  • Imperial Bearer Company
  • City of London Imperial Volunteers
  • Army Post Office Corps

Units raised in South Africa 

  • Aberdeen Town Guard
  • Adelaide District Mounted Troops
  • Ashburner's Light Horse
  • Barkly West Town Guard
  • Bayly's Horse
  • Beaconsfield Town Guard
  • Beaufort West Town Guard
  • Bechuanaland Police
  • Bechuanaland Rifle Volunteers
  • Bechuanaland Protectorate Regiment
  • Bedford District Mounted Troops
  • Beddy's Scouts
  • Bethune's Mounted Infantry
  • Border Mounted Police
  • Border Mounted Rifles
  • Border Horse
  • Border Scouts
  • Brabant's Horse
  • Brett's Scouts
  • British South African Police
  • Bushmanland Borderers
  • Bush Veldt Carbineers
  • Byng's Scouts
  • Canadian Scouts (including over 100 Aussies)
  • Cape Colony Cyclist Corps
  • Cape Colony Defence Force
  • Cape Medical Staff Corps
  • Cape Garrison Artillery
  • Cape infantry
  • Cape Mounted Rifles
  • Cape Mounted Police
  • Cape Railway 
  • Capetown Highlanders
  • Ceres Scouts
  • 1st City Volunteer's (Marshall's Horse)
  • City of Grahamstown Volunteers
  • Clifford's Scouts
  • Colonial Light Horse
  • Commander in Chiefs Bodyguard 
  • Corps of Cattle Rangers
  • Cradock Town Guard
  • Cullinan's Horse
  • Damant's Horse
  • De Aar Town Guard
  • De Beers Maxim Battery
  • Dennison's Scouts
  • Diamond Fields Horse
  • Diamond Fields Artillery
  • District Military Police
  • District Mounted Troops
  • Dordrecht Dictrict Volunteer Guard
  • Dordrecht Wodehouse Yeomanry
  • Driscoll's scouts
  • Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles
  • Durban Light Infantry
  • Eastern Province Horse
  • Eastern Transvaal Scouts
  • East Griqualand Mounted Rifle Volunteers
  • East Griqualand Field Force
  • Edwards's Scouts
  • Farmers' Guard
  • Fraserburg District Mounted Troops
  • French's Scouts
  • Frontier Light Horse
  • Frontier Mounted Rifles
  • Geoghegan's Scouts
  • Gorringe's Flying Column
  • Heidelberg Volunteers and Scouts
  • Herschel Special Police
  • Herschel Native Police
  • Imperial Light Horse
  • Imperial Light Infantry
  • Indwe Town Guard
  • Jamestown Town Guard
  • Jansenville District Mounted Troops
  • Jansenville Town Guard
  • Johannesburg Mounted Rifles
  • Johannesburg Police
  • Kaffrarian Rifles
  • Kenhardt Town Guard
  • Keeley's Vryburg Farmer's Association
  • Kimberley Light Horse
  • Kimberley Regiment
  • Kimberley Town Guard
  • Kimberley Mounted Corps
  • Kitchener's Horse
  • Kitchener's Fighting Scouts
  • Klipdam Town Guard
  • Knysna Rangers
  • Kofflefontein Defence Force
  • Komga Mounted Infantry
  • Kroonstad Scouts
  • Laingsburg Town Guard
  • Loch's Horse
  • Lower Rhodesian Volunteers
  • Loyal Burgher Corps
  • Loxton's Horse
  • Lydenburg Civil Mounted Rifles
  • Maritzani Mounted Irregulars
  • Murray's Horse
  • Mafeking Town Guard
  • Menne's Scouts
  • Midland Mounted Rifles
  • Middelburg Town Guard
  • Molteno Town Guard
  • Montagu Town Guard
  • Montmorency's Scouts
  • Morley's Scouts
  • Mossel Bay Town Guard
  • Namaqualand Border Scouts
  • Narmaqualand District Mounted Police
  • Namaqualand Town Guard
  • National Scouts
  • Natal Volunteer Field Artillery 
  • Natal Volunteers Police and Guides 
  • Natal Bridge Guards
  • Natal Carbineers
  • Natal Mounted Police
  • Natal Mounted Rifles
  • Natal Naval Artillery
  • Natal Police
  • Natal Royal Rifles
  • Natal Volunteer Composite Regiment
  • Nesbitt's Horse
  • New England Mounted Rifles
  • Orange River Colony Police
  • Orange River Colony Volunteers
  • Orpen's Horse
  • Oudtsdhoorn Volunteer Rifles
  • Peninsular Horse
  • Pietersburg Light Horse
  • Potchefstroom Provincial Police
  • Pretoria Police
  • Prince Albert's District Mounted Troops
  • Prince Alfred's Volunteer Guard
  • Prince Albert's District Mounted Troops
  • Prince of Wales' Light Horse
  • Piquetberg District Mounted Troops
  • Queenstown Rifle Volunteers
  • The Rand Rifles
  • Richmond Town Guard
  • Rimington's Guides
  • Railway Pioneer Regiment
  • Rhodesian Regiment
  • Roberts' Horse
  • Scott's Railway Guards
  • Scottish Horse 1st and 2nd Regiment
  • Somerset East Town Guard
  • South African Constabulary
  • South Afkican Light Horse
  • South African Mounted Irregular Forces
  • South Rhodesian Volunteers
  • Standerton Scouts
  • Steinaecker's Horse
  • Stellenbosch Mounted Infantry
  • Stellenbosch Town Guard
  • Steytlerville Town Guard
  • Strathcona's Horse
  • Struben's Scouts
  • Sutherland Town Guard
  • Tempest's Scouts
  • Tarkastad Mounted Troops
  • Tarkastad Town Guard
  • Tembuland Mounted Rifle Corps
  • Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry
  • Touws River Town Guard
  • Transkei Mounted Rifles
  • Uitenhage Volunteer Rifles
  • Utrecht Vryheid Mounted Police
  • Veld Drift Town Guard
  • Vryburg Special Police
  • Walden's Scouts
  • Warren's Light Horse
  • Warren's Mounted Infantry
  • Warren's Scouts
  • Warrington (Warrenton?) Town Guard
  • Wedburg Town Guard (?)
  • Wellington Town Guard
  • Western Province Mounted Rifles
  • Winterberg Mounted Rifles
  • Willowmore Town Guard
  • Warwick's Horse
  • Younghusband's Horse
  • Zeerust Town Guard
  • Zoutleif Town Guard
  • Indian Staff Corps
  • Natal Voluntary Veterinary Corps
  • Natal Voluntary Medical Corps
  • St John Ambulance Brigade
  • Imperial Hospital Corps



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