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Singapura - Lion City

Australia stationed a reinforced Battalion in Singapore as part of ANZUK from 1969 (1RAR) until 6RAR were withdrawn in 1974. The photos on this page were taken in 1970.
Civilian Victims Memorial in the heart of SINGAPORE. Over 50,000 locals were slaughtered by the Japanese during the occupation. The four arms of the memorial reach so high into the sky that one has to go a long way back to get a photo. (see below, left)
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^^Looking up from the base of the Memorial

The Memorial Urn >>>

<<< The Memorial Spire

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A drink stall by the roadside. Drinks included freshly crushed sugar cane, milk products and hot drinks. Bottled drinks were rare. This is a man-packed mobile food vendor's equipment. One end is a stove, the other a storage unit and he would carry the whole thing to wherever there was a market A popular means of transporting light deliveries was the tricycle cart. One man could move a lot of goods, particularly where space was a problem The infamous Bugis St Boys. They are all female impersonators willing and able to sell anything you are willing to pay for.

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