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Shoulder Flashes of Australian Units, worn on winter & summer uniform

Multi 1 Multi 2 Multi 3
  • Shoulder flashes (bordered style) of the CMF Infantry Regiments, 1948 to 1960
  • Image also includes a Royal Australian Regiment (regular Army) flash.
EMBROIDERED TITLES - 1948 to 1960 -  with border (Summer & Winter Pattern)

(Worn at the top of the sleeve on both arms in most orders of dress & including greatcoats)

1Recruit Training Battalion
5 Recruit Training Company  
6 Recruit Training Company  
10 Light Horse 
11 National Service Battalion ( Disbanded 1959)

12 National Service Battalion 1957
13 National Service Battalion 1960
14 National Service Battalion 1957
15 National Service Battalion 1957
16 National Service Battalion 1959
17 National Service Battalion 1960
18 National Service Battalion 1959
19 National Service Battalion 1957

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20 National Service Battalion 1960
The Adelaide Rifles - To I RSAR on I July 1960
Adelaide University Regiment
Army Apprentice's School
Australian Army Amenities Service
Australian Army Canteen Service (White on Sky Blue until November 1949)
Australian Army Canteens Service (White on Dark Blue after November 1949) Became Aust Services Canteens Organisation (ASCO) in July 59
Australian Army Catering Corps
Australian Army Educational Corps Had Royal added to title on I August 1960
Australian Army Legal Corps
Australian Army Medical Womens Service Into Nursing Service  & WRAAC  in 1949
Australian Army Psychology Corps ( First version Blue on Grey)
Australian Army Psychology Corps (Blue on Maroon)
Australian Army Public Relations
Australian Horse Disbanded on 15 September 1957
Australian Intelligence Corps

Australian Press Correspondent

Australian Rifles  Re-raised Sep 57 - To 3 RNSWR in 1960

Byron Scottish Regiment  To I RQR in July 1960
Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia  To 1 R WAR in 60
Capricornia Regiment To 2 RQR in 1960
Central Queensland Regiment  To 2 RQR in 1960
City of Essendon Regiment To I R VR in 1960
City of Newcastle Regiment To 2 RNSWR in 1960
City of Perth Regiment  To I RWAR in 1960
Darling Downs Regiment  To I RQR in 1960

Derwent Regiment  To I RTR in 1960

Far North Queensland Regiment  To 2 RQR in 1960

First Armoured Regiment
Hindmarsh Regiment - To I RSAR in 1960
Hume Regiment - Re -raised Feb 53 - To 2 RVR in 1960
Hunter River Lancers
Illawarra Regiment (To 3 RNSWR in 1960)

Kennedy Regiment To 2 RQR in 1960
Launceston Regiment To I RTR in 1960
Macquarie Regiment To 2 RNSWR in 1960

Melbourne Rifles- Became City of Essendon Regiment in 1949
Melbourne University Regiment
Moreton Regiment - To 1 RQR in 1960

New South Wales Mounted Rifles (Red on Yellow)

New South Wales Mounted Rifles (White on Red) To 2 RNSWR in 1960
New South Wales Scottish Regiment - To 2 RNSWR in 1960
North Queensland Regiment

North Shore Regiment - To 2 RNSWR in 1960

North Western Victorian Regiment - To 2 R VR in 1960
Northern Rivers Lancers - Linked with RNSW Lancers in 1956
Northern Victorian Regiment - To 2 RVR in 1960
NSW University of Technology Regiment (Blue on Red)
NSW University of Technology Regiment (Gold on Navy)
Pacific Islands Regiment
Papua and New Guinea Volunteer Rifles - Disbanded in 1975
Perth University Regiment
Prince of Wales's Light Horse
Queensland Mounted Infantry
Queensland University Regiment
Riverina Regiment - Disbanded in September 1957
Royal Australian Armoured Corps
Royal Australian Army Chaplains Department
Royal Australian Army Dental Corps
Royal Australian Army Medical Corps
Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps (3 variations)

Royal Australian Army Nursing Service Replaced in 1951 by RAAN Corps
Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps
Royal Australian Army Pay Corps
Royal Australian Army Provost Corps
Royal Australian Army Service Corps
Royal Australian Artillery
Royal Australian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers

(Image below is summer pattern)

Royal Australian Engineers
Royal Australian Infantry
Royal Australian Regiment
Royal Australian Signals
Royal Australian Survey Corps
Royal Melbourne Regiment - To I RVR in 1960
Royal Military College Duntroon

See Multi 1 above

Royal New South Wales Lancers
South Australian Mounted Rifles
South Australian Scottish Regiment - To I RSAR in 1960
St George Regiment - To 3 RNSWR in 1960
Swan Regiment - To I R WAR in 1960
Sydney University Regiment
Tasmania Regiment - Raised July 1948 & formed into Derwent Regt & Launceston Regt in 1953
The Swan Regiment - First version
University of New South Wales Regiment 
University of Technology Regiment
- Changed title to UNSWR in 1952
Victorian Mounted Rifles
Victorian Scottish Regiment - To I RVR in 1960
Werriwa Regiment - To 3 RNSWR in 1960
West Australian Mounted Infantry - To 10 Light Horse in 1956
Western Australian University Regiment - From Perth University Regiment in 1949
Wide Bay Regiment - To I RQR in 1960
Womens Royal Australian Army Corps


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