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Category: Badges/Cloth

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RAAF cloth shoulder patches, most unofficial but accepted

RAAF 80th Anniversary Amberley 2001

RAAF 33 Squadron flies Boeing 707 aircraft

36 Squadron RAAF (Vietnam era?) 481 Sqn Maintenance RAAF 

77 Sqn RAAF (Vietnam era) 114 MCRU

2 Flight Training School 3 AD Canberra (Vietnam era)

Summer Rain 1976 RAAF/USAF RAAF Ubol Thailand (Vietnam era)

75 Squadron RAAF (Iraq) RAAF Fighter Base Williamstown

Fast Flying Fighting Third (Sqn) RAAF FA 18 Hornet

Mirage - End of an Era patch

Mirage III O

RAAF Service Police & RAAF Working Dogs

RAAF Police Dogs (blue, Security) RAAF Military Working Dogs (green, Service Police)

  • RAAF Service Police Patches.
    • Patches features the Gryphon which was the symbol of RAAFPOL.
    • The RAAF Police changed their name to RAAF Security Police in 1996.
      • Translation from Joe Nigg's Book of Fabulous Beasts.

      "I have heard that the Indian animal the Gryphon is a quadruped like a lion; that it has claws of enormous strength and that they resemble those of a lion. Men commonly report that it is winged and that the feathers along its back are black, and those on its front are red, while the actual wings are neither but are white. And Ctesias records that its neck is variegated with feathers of a dark blue; that it has a beak like an eagle's, and a head too, just as artists portray it in pictures and sculpture. Its eyes, he says, are like fire. It builds its lair among the mountains, and although it is not possible to capture the full-grown animal, they do take the young ones. And the people of Bactria, who are neighbors of the Indians, say that the Gryphons guard the gold in those parts; that they dig it up and build their nests with it, and that the Indians carry off any that falls from them.


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