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Various RAAF badges and patches

This style of badge was used by RAAF as a sleeve badge in small size and as a hat or side cap badge in a larger size but the official RAAF hat badge was by far the more often used.

This one was "dug" near Tamworth.

  • Metal RAAF badges indicating special training/branch of service.

  • From top

    • Pilot's wings

    • Loadmaster

    • Engineer

    • Navigator

The badge which looks like a pilots badge but has stars instead of the "RAAF" logo is the current navigators brevet insignia, it replaces the old which was a single wing with an "N" in the middle. The new badge came into effect on 1st Dec 1998 & was to be worn by personnel who qualified after this date. If they qualified before this date then they have the option of wearing either badge.

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Air Gunner

  • No.6 Flight RAAF Tottenham
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Melbourne, Vic. 1942-09-25. Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force (WAAAF) telegraphist badge. It is worn on the sleeve, upper right arm.



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RAAF Pilot wings

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RAAF Sweetheart

RAAF Meteorological Service badge

RAAF (Training Corps)

RAAF rank badge Warrant Officer

  • Pilot's wings from 4 countries
    • UK
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa

Assorted NCO badges of rank, mostly RAAF. Most are Flight Sergeant. The others are Sergeant. 

Epaulette slide, badge of rank, RAAF

Standard RAAF insignia with King's Crown

<<Australian Air Force Association

RAAF WO1 badge of rank >>

RAAF Flight Sergeant The insignia shows that the wearer was a Flight Lieutenant (2 Stripes) with 3 years service (3 red chevrons, 1 for each year of war time service) The badge is a standard RAAF eagle insignia badge.
RAAF Mess Dress badge? RAAF Sweetheart badge

RAAF Apprentice shoulder patches

WW2 Bomb Aimers brevet

RAAF Fleet Support RAAF Military Skills Instructor

RAAF Police Dog Handler 35 Sqn RAAF unofficial "Wallaby Airlines"
3 Squadron North Queensland Air Training Corps 4 Squadron North Queensland Air Training Corps
2 RAAF Police Dogs (Military Working Dogs) badges
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of RAAF Edinburgh in 2004, this beautiful limited edition commemorative medallion was struck.

   Circulation of this limited edition medallion was limited to personnel working at Edinburgh, making this an otherwise difficult to obtain item.

One side of the medallion depicts the Lockheed P3C Orion, and a Bristol Freighter.  The other side of the medallion depicts the base crest.   

The P3C Orion is the RAAF's frontline AEW aircraft and is based at RAAF Edinburgh, serving under 92 Wing's 10, 11 and 292 Squadrons.  

The Bristol Freighter was the first aircraft to land at RAAF Edinburgh upon the base's opening in 1954.    

The medallion is 50mm (approx 2 inches) in diameter, and 5mm (1/5th of an inch) thick.

I have enclosed a copy of 2 items, the first is the RAAF Provost Badge. This was designed by me when I served as a Sergeant as the winner of a competition run at HQPROVOST Chancery House in the early seventies. It was approved by HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Item 2 is the original Silver badge  worn over the left breast pocket.  Graeme Hardiman ex FSgt. RAAF POLICE.

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