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Cloth Patches worn post Viet Nam (mostly unofficial but tolerated)

  • These are cloth patches worn in the Australian Army since the end of the Viet Nam war and preceding the ones on Recent Cloth.


  • These patches are mostly unofficial but tolerated, even encouraged, for wear on barracks dress, work dress and sports clothes.
B Coy 4/19 Prince of Wales Light Horse (Armoured) Regt. 1975 1 Troop B Squadron 4/19 POWLH 2 Troop B Sqn 4/19 POWLH
3 Troop B Sqn 4/19 POWLH HQ Sqn 4/19 POWLH A Sqn 4/19 POWLH 1975/79

A, B and C Squadrons 4 Cavalry Regiment  (4 Cav.)

Operations Support Sqn 4 Cav. 3rd/9th South Australian Mounted Rifles (3/9SAMR) Unidentified
1st Armoured Regiment B Sqn 1st Armoured Regiment Admin Tp. C Sqn 1st Armd Regt
2 Troop C Sqn 1st Armd. Regt. 2 Troop A Sqn 1st Armd. Regt. Medium Tank Trials Unit 1972
1 Transport Platoon RACT B Troop 5 Transport Sqn RACT C Troop 5 Transport Sqn RACT
A Troop 5 Transport Sqn RACT 26 Transport Sqn RACT RACT Aerial Delivery
5 Transport Sqn Support Group RACT 52 Combined Support Platoon RAAOC 16 Army Light Aircraft Sqn.
9th Army Pilot's Course Pt Cook 1 Military Police Company 14 Platoon 9th MP Company
Australian army Police Dog Section Explosive Detection Section RAE 1 Signal Regiment
104 Signal Squadron 134th Signal Squadron Army Fire Service
35 Water Transport Sqn RAE     "The Reluctant Lady" 35 Water Transport Sqn RACT  "The Big Red" 1st Field Hospital "The Vampires"
1982/83 Army Detachment Antarctica 1984/85 Army Detachment Antarctica A Company 41st Infantry Battalion
5 RAR Sports Badge "The Tigers" 5th/7th RAR Mechanised 8/9 RAR
3 RAR (Para) RAAMC Crash Rescue 3 Cavalry Regiment
Some images from Australian Army Badges: Cloth insignia of the Army in Australia 1860-1993 by J K Cossum ISBN 0 949530 14 X

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