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Distinguishing colour patches of Canadian Units in the Field 1914/19

1st Canadian Division CEF colour patches

2nd Canadian Division colour patches

3rd Canadian Division

4th Canadian Division

  • The patch system varied from Australia's but the basics were similar.
    • The Division was indicated by the colour of the large rectangle.
      • Red was 1st Division
      • Blue was 2nd Division
      • French Grey was 3rd Division
      • Green was 4th Division
    • The Brigade was indicated by the colour of the upper section.
      • Green was the first Brigade in that Division
      • Red was the second Brigade in that Division
      • Blue was the third Brigade in that Division
    • The Battalion was indicated by the shape of the upper section.
      • A circle indicates the first Bn in that Brigade
      • A semi-circle indicates the second Bn in that Brigade
      • A triangle indicates the third Bn in that Brigade
      • A square indicates the fourth Bn in that Brigade
  • Divisional corps troops (Signals etc) wore only the large rectangle.
    • Divisional Engineers wore it surmounted by "C.E.".
    • Machine gun units wore it surmounted with a forward pointing arrow.
    • TM stood for Trench Mortar
    • MT stood for Motor Transport

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