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Colour patches of the 3rd Division AIF

I have used the Third Division to display a "whole of Division" colour patch arrangement, showing how the Divisional shape was kept but broken into many colour combinations and sub shapes to cater for all the Units in the Division.
  • 3rd Division Artillery

  • 7th Field Artillery Brigade 
    • 25th,26th,27th Field Artillery Batteries
    • 107th Field Artillery (Howitzer) Battery
  • 8th Field Artillery Brigade 
    • 29th,30th,31st Field Artillery Batteries
    • 108th Field Artillery (Howitzer) Battery
  • 9th Field Artillery Brigade 
    • 33rd,34th,35th Field Artillery Batteries
    • 118th Field Artillery (Howitzer) Battery
  • 23rd Field Artillery Brigade 
    • 28th,32nd,36th Field Artillery Batteries
    • 109th Field Artillery (Howitzer) Battery

  • 3rd Division Trench Mortars
    • 3rd Division Ammunition Column
    • X3A,Y3A,Z3A Medium Trench Mortar Batteries 
    • Z3A Heavy Trench Mortar Battery 

  • 3rd Division Engineers
    • 9th,10th,11th Field Companies 
    • 3rd Signals Company
  • 9th Infantry Brigade

  33rd Infantry Battalion
  34th Infantry Battalion
  35th Infantry Battalion
  36th Infantry Battalion
  9th Light Trench Mortar Battery
9th Machinegun Company 
  • 10th Infantry Brigade

  37th Infantry Battalion
  38th Infantry Battalion
  39th Infantry Battalion
  40th Infantry Battalion
  10th Light Trench Mortar Battery
10th Machinegun Company
  • 11th Infantry Brigade

41st Infantry Battalion
42nd Infantry Battalion
43rd Infantry Battalion
44th Infantry Battalion
11th Light Trench Mortar Battery
  11th Machinegun Company

  • 3rd Pioneer Battalion
  • British 207th Machinegun Company Note; this is a corps badge not a shoulder patch.
    • Note that this Company was replaced later in the war with the 23rd (Australian) Machine Gun Company and the 4 Companies (9,10,11,23) formed the 3rd Machine Gun Battalion. Same colour patch as above.

  • 3rd Division Medical Services
    • 9th,10th,11th Field Ambulances
    • 3rd Sanitary Section

3rd_div.gif (220 bytes)

  • 3rd Salvage Company

  • 3rd Division Train
    • 22nd,23rd,24th,25th Australian Army Service Corps Companies

  • 3rd Division Supply Column

  • 3rd Division Ammunition Sub Park

  • 3rd Mobile Veterinary Section

 many details on this page from Ross Mallett's site


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