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Category: Badges

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Parachutists (Commando, SAS, 3RAR etc) also New Zealand

Some of the more recent badges shown here are not official. As we know there is a growing trend towards using unofficial badges on work and sports uniforms and there is also a growing market for collectors and "wannabees".

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  • This was a badge & para wings worn by 1st Australian Parachute Battalion c.1944
  • The bird was coloured blue and the background was parachute maroon as used by the famous "Red Devils", the British Parachute Regiment.
  • This badge was worn on the left upper sleeve.

The badge above left was the design model for the current Parachute Jump Instructor's flight suit badge, shown left.

Special Forces 1943. White on scarlet as worn by "Z" Special Force

1st Australian Parachute Regiment. c.1944. Blue or beige parachute on para-maroon backing. Worn upper right sleeve.   

Parachutist's & Para-Instructors, 1958. Gold & silver on blue. Parachute qualification badge 1960. Pale blue wings, white parachute on khaki.

Parachute Jump Instructor, embroidered Parachute Jump Instructor, worsted & subdued

3RAR Para badge. Lt blue on maroon

3 RAR Para badge on DPCU & khaki

A very scarce matching set of three Australian parachute wings made for the US 82nd Airborne Division. 

Back in July 1993 a number of US 82nd Abn personnel undertook conversion training and parachute training under the supervision of an Australian Special Forces parachute jump instructor (PJI). 

2 prototypes: 4 RAR (Commando) para badge

They were then granted permission to wear the wings by the Australian Special Forces Liaison Officer. a copy of his authorisation will come with the wings. These are the only three cloth versions made, one metal version exists. All made in Australia on US desert pattern camo and woodland camo.
  • 4th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment  Commando (4RAR Cdo) para wing issued and worn in Iraq by the unit?

Parachute Rigger's Badges

 Parachute Rigger variations

Rigger badge subdued on DPCU cloth

Parachute Rigger's badge

Parachute Surgical Team

1st Parachute Surgical Team on JG 1st Parachute Surgical Team on black

Assorted Parachute School & Para-Association Badges

Defence Force Parachute Association Australia Parachute School

B Company 3 RAR (Para). "Above All Others"

C Company 3RAR (Para)

3 RAR (Para) "Old Faithful" (unofficial) 6 RAR Parachute Company Group. This Unit preceded 3 RAR being designated a Parachute Battalion.
Some images from Australian Army Badges: Cloth insignia of the Army in Australia 1860-1993 by J K Cossum ISBN 0 949530 14 X


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