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Category: Badges

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New Zealand Shoulder Titles Page 2

Unidentified NZ shoulder title.

Metal shoulder titles.

RNZ Navy (?)

Straight NZ Brass Shoulder Title Pre WW1
Pre WW1 "straight" New Zealand "NZ" shoulder title. Straight NZ Mounted Rifles straight title
  • <<< Red Cross wartime shoulder titles in 2 sizes.
  • Camp Military Police (Featherston)

Titles as featured in "Badges & Insignia of the New Zealand Army" by Geoffrey P Oldham
The number under each title refers to the Index Number (see below)


12/1. AN (Auckland Navals), WM 
12/2. AMR (Auckland Mounted Rifles) 
12/3. 1st AMR (Auckland Mounted Rifles) 
12/4. W over S over ANZAC (Wireless troop, ANZAC Mounted Division) 
12/5. CMP (Camp Military Police) 
12/6. N.CANT. (North Canterbury) 
12/7. CANTERBURY COLLEGE OTC (3 tier badge)
12/8. FRONTIERSMEN, solid brass, curved 
12/9. GERALDINE, solid brass, curved 
12/10. HMR (Heretaunga Mounted Rifles) 
12/11. KEH over KODR (King Edward's Horse, Kings Oversea Dominion Regiment) 
12.12. LRDG (Long Range Desert Group) 
12/13. MR (Mounted Rifles) 
12/14. MT (Motor Transport Company) 
12/15. IXNZ (9th Contingent NZMR) 
12/16. NELSON, curved (Nelson Company, WWI) 
12/17. NEW ZEALAND, curved 
12/18. NEW ZEALAND, curved small, Bz 
12/19. NEW ZEALAND, solid, curved 
12/20. NEW ZEALAND, curved upwards, cast 
12/21. NEW ZEALAND with E above (Tunnellers Company, New Zealand Engineers) 
12/22. NEW ZEALAND with 4 in centre (4th Contingent, New Zealand Mounted Rifles) 
12/23. NEW ZEALAND with 5 or 7 above (5th or 7th Contingent, New Zealand Mounted Rifles) 
12/24. NEW ZEALAND with fern leaf above, cut-out silver or brass (Boer War 1900-09) 
12/25. NEW ZEALAND with kiwi above, cut-out silver or brass (Boer War 1900-01) 
12/27. NZ, straight or curved, solid or void, large 
12/28. As above medium 
12/30. NZ over MAORI 
12/31. NZ over STAFF 
12/32. NZ over 3 over MGC (Machine Gun Corps) 
12/33. NZA, straight (New Zealand Artillery) 
12/34. NZA, curved (cut down RNZA) 
12/35. NZAMC, curved (New Zealand Army Medical Corps) 
12/36. NZAMD, curved (New Zealand Army Medical Department) 
12/37. NZAOC (New Zealand Army Ordnance Corps) 
12/38. NZAOD (New Zealand Army Ordnance Department) 
12/39. NZAPC (New Zealand Army Pay Corps) 
12/40, NZAPS (New Zealand Army Postal Service) 
12/41. NZASC (New Zealand Army Service Corps) 
12/42. NZASC with MT above (Motor Transport) 
12/43. NZAV (New Zealand Artillery Volunteers) 
12/44. NZCC (New Zealand Cyclist Corps) 
12/45. NZCS (New Zealand Corps of Signals) 
12/46. NZDC (New Zealand Dental Corps) 
12/47. NZE, curved (New Zealand Engineers) 
12/48. NZE, straight 
12/49. NZEH (New Zealand Expeditionary? Hospital) 
12/50. NZFA, curved (New Zealand Field Artillery) 
12/51. NZFA, straight 
12/52. A over NZFA 
12/53. NZGA, curved (New Zealand Garrison Artillery) 
12/54. 3 or 9 over NZGA 
12/55. W over 2 over NZGA 
12/56. A over 2 over NZGAV (New Zealand Garrison Artillery Volunteers) 
12/57. NZJC over STAFF (New Zealand Junior Cadets) 
12/58. NZMC (New Zealand Medical Corps)
12/59. NZMC, curved upwards, cut out of sheet brass 
12/60. NZMC with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 above, cut out of sheet brass 
12/61. NZMD (New Zealand Medical Department) 
12/62. NZMG, curved (New Zealand Machine Gun) 
12/63. NZMGC, curved (New Zealand Machine Gun Corps) 
12/64. NZMGS, curved (New Zealand Machine Gun Section) 
12/65. NZMP, curved (New Zealand Military Police) 
12/66. NZMP, straight 
12/67. NZMR, straight, solid or voided (New Zealand Mounted Rifles) 
12/68. NZMR, curved 
12/69. NZMT, curved (New Zealand Motor Transport) 
11/70. NZNC (New Zealand Native Contingent) 
12/71. NZPAF (New Zealand Permanant Air Force) 
12/72. NZPASC (New Zealand Permanant Army Service Corps) 
12/73. NZPS (New Zealand Permanant Staff) 
12/74. NZP&T (New Zealand Post & Telegraph Corps) 
12/75. NZR, straight (New Zealand Rifles) 
12/76. NZR, curved 
12/77. NZR with C, 0, A, N or W above 
12/78. W over TB over NZR 
12/79. NZRB, curved (New Zealand Rifle Brigade) 
12/80. NZRB, open type, straight 
12/81. NZRC (New Zealand Rifle clubs) 
12/82. NZ ROUGH RIDERS, cut out of sheet brass 
12/83. NZRR, straight (New Zealand Rough Riders) 
12,84. NZRR, curved 
12/85. NZSC (New Zealand Staff Corps and New Zealand Signal Corps) 
12/86. NZTS, straight or curved (New Zealand Temporary Staff) 
12/87. NZV, straight (New Zealand Volunteers)
12/88. NZVC (New Zealand Veterinary Corps) 
12/89, NZVS (New Zealand Volunteer Sisterhood) 
12/90. NZWCA (New Zealand War Contingent Assn.) 
12/91. ORV (Otago Rifle Volunteers) 
12/92. 1 ORV 
12/93. OTAGO UNIVERSITY OTC (3 tier badge) 
12/94. RESERVE, cast brass (New Zealand Forces Motor Reserve of Officers) 
12/95. RNZA, curved (Royal New Zealand Artillery) 
12/96. RNZA, straight 
12/97. SAS (Special Air Service) 
12/98. 1st SCMR (South Canterbury Mounted Rifles) 
12/99. SIGNAL SERVICE, curved 
12/100. VR (Volunteer Rifles) 
12/103. 2 over WELLINGTON 
12/104. A over 2WMR (Wellington Mounted Rifles) 
12/105. YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association)

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