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Category: Badges

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New Zealand Infantry Unit hat & collar badges. 10th Regiment onwards

  • No collar dogs issued. Hat badges were worn as collar dogs.


  • A voided version was also issued


  • 10th Regiment (North Otago Rifles) Cap Badge. Formed 17 March 1911. Absorbed by the 4th (Otago Rifles) Regiment in 1921 to form the Otago Regiment. Saw active service at Gallipoli, Egypt and France during WW1.
This image is of the badge of the 11th Taranaki Rifles Regiment (above) and a genuine photo of Mount Egmont  taken from the angle used to design the badge (below). 

The mountain was named by Captain James Cook, the explorer, after the Earl of Egmont. It is now renamed Mt Taranaki.

Wellington Regiment (4th Battalion, The Taranaki Rifles). Photo: Shaun Aumua

The badge is a representation of Mount Egmont

  • 11th (Taranaki Rifles) Regiment were formed in March 1911. The unit saw action at Gallipoli, Egypt & France as part of Wellington Regiment. It formed part of 2 NZEF by supplying companies to 19th, 22nd, 25th & 36th Battalions. It was amalgamated with the Wellington West Coast Regiment after WW2 to form the Wellington West Coast & Taranaki Regiment which in turn became 5 RNZIR in 1964.

  • In all cases the collar dog (both sides) was identical in design.

  SCARCE 12th Nelson & Marlborough Regt Collars
  • 12th (Nelson) Regiment. Formed 17 March 1911. The title was changed to the 12th (Nelson & Marlborough) Regiment on 13 April 1917.

collar dog.  

12 Nelson Infantry

collar dog.  

12 Nelson & Marlborough 

NZ 12th & XIIIth Regt K/C Brass Cap Badge

  • << Hat Badge for the 12 & XIII (Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast) Regiment. Kings Crown. Queen's Crown below.

NZ 12th & XIIIth Regt Q/C Gilt Officers Badge

12 & XIII (Nelson Marlborough & West Coast) Regiment Association. Cap Badge and Collars for the 12 & XIII (Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast) Regiment. Cap Badge - Kings Crown. Collars - Queens Crown. Formed 1 June 1923. Served in WW2.

collar badges of the 

13th (North Canterbury) Regiment

  • 13th (North Canterbury) Regiment. Formed 17 March 1911 and later renamed the 13th (North Canterbury & Westland) on the 18th January 1912. The feathers are from the Huia


collar dogs

  • 13th (North Canterbury and Westland) Regiment was formed 18 January 1912. It saw action at Gallipoli, France and Egypt as part of Canterbury Regiment. It was amalgamated (1 June 1923) with the 12th Nelson & Marlborough Regiment to form the 12 & XIII Nelson Marlborough & West Coast Regiment. See above.


2 versions; above is void, below is solid


  • 14th (South Otago Rifles) Regiment. Hat badge and a collar badge


15th (North Auckland) Regiment (oxidised & brass)

  • 15th Northland cap & collars. Formerly the North Auckland Regiment. Amalgamated with the Auckland Regiment in 1964 to become the 3rd Battalion Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.


16th Waikato Regt. Set

Collar dogs


  • 16th (Waikato) Regiment. As part of the Auckland Regiment it saw action at Gallipoli, France & Egypt. Supplied Companies to 18th, 21st, 24th & 29th Battalions of 2 NZEF. Became part of 1st Armoured Regiment in 1950.




NZ WW1 17th Ruahine Regt Cap/Collar Badge

  • 17th (Ruahine) Regiment was formed 27 March 1914. It saw action at Gallipoli France & Egypt as part of the Auckland Regiment. It was absorbed into the Hawke's Bay Regiment in 1923. It was reformed from 2nd Battalion Hawke's Bay Regiment to help form the 3rd NZ Division and saw service in the Pacific. Some photos John Honeybone NZ

Glengarry badge and a button of the 17th Battalion  (Canterbury Highland Rifles NZ)

New Zealand Rifle Brigade

NZ WW1 Rifle Brigade Reinf Frame Type Badge

NZ Rifle Brigade   NZ Rifle Brigade collar dogs. Above, oxidized, below polished   photos John Honeybone NZ & Colin Adams NZ

The NZ Rifle Brigade was formed in April 1915. It's full name, The New Zealand Rifle Brigade (The Earl of Liverpool's Own), was granted 1 October 1915. It consisted of 5 Battalions and was dissolved in 1919. After the war various Reserve and Home Guard units used the badge, especially during WW2.

New Zealand Regiment (NZR)




QC version with bayonet collar dogs

1st Battalion New Zealand Regiment was formed on 9 January 1947 as part of the newly created Infantry Corps. There was a King's Crown set (shown left) and a Queen's Crown set  (above)

Collar dog sets for NZ Regiment. Officers gilt above left: ORs brass: above right

Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (RNZIR)


Royal NZ Infantry Regt Pair Bayonet Coll Badges

Bayonet collar dogs

Royal NZ Infantry Regt Anodized Cap Badge

Royal NZ Infantry Regt Metal Cap Badge

The NZ Regiment was re-organized into the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment on 1 April 1964.

The badge above left was the 1st version (anodised) the one above right was the 2nd version. 

Another early version had a dark coloured Kiwi rather than the silver or gold of the later versions. (See left)

Collar dog of RNZIR Collar dog of 2RNZIR


RNZIR badge woven in silver and gold wire with blue and red inserts on black backing, measures 90mm high.

RNZIR bullion embroidered badge on green backing for Officers uniform.

  • This information is provided as a guide only. No commercial decision should be based on it.

    • Many images from Phillip James of New Zealand. 

    • Some details from Badges & Insignia of the New Zealand Army by Geoffrey P Oldham. I recommend any collector uses his publication ISBN 0-473-04378-5

    • I do not buy, sell, trade or provide valuations. Any advice I gave may be commercially worthless.


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