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Category: Badges

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Military Hat Badges of New Zealand Page 2


New Zealand WW1 National Reserve (Marlborough & Wellington)

 New Zealand WW1 National Reserve:  Ruahine & Railways

Crossed swords proficiency badge worn on the arm of a Cavalry man. These badges are fairly scarce as they were only awarded to the best swordsman in every twenty men in a cavalry unit. Turned the other way up the badge becomes a PTI badge.

New Zealand Volunteers Badge for shooting. Circa 1866 to 1870. Silver wired embroidered on red background. Two silver wire embroidered stars for shooting 20 points up to 900 yards

NZ Armourers trade insignia

New Zealand Police  


Pioneers/ Mothers of Empire  New Zealand badge worn by civilian security guards at Army General Staff in Wellington (not by Army personnel)
2 versions of the NZ Army para badge 2 versions of the NZSAS para badge
RNZAF dress uniform para patch RNZAF dress uniform bullion para patch
SDAR uniform para patch RNZAF Sergeant ?
NZ Army pilot's wings RNZAF Band
In every corner of the empire, men NOT in uniform were under suspicion - the "White feather of Cowardice" was given to any suspected of avoiding their duty. This badge is solid silver and black enamel work. It measures 32.5mm by 22mm or 1 inches by inches. The silver fern is the motif of the New Zealander generally. These badges came in two types, Husband and Son. 

RNZAF Police belt buckle King's Empire Veterans (KEV) (also in bronze)


RNZAF marksman qualification insignia

NZ Army marksman (embroidered, dress uniform) WW2 Volunteers lapel badge

NZ Catholic War Services  28 Maori Battalion NZ
14 Squadron RNZAF Aermacchi 339 Patch-Extreme RARE SCARCE RN or RNZN Navy Chaplains Cap Badge

14th Sqn RNZAF

Royal Navy or Royal New Zealand Navy Chaplains Q/C Bullion embroidered cap badge. Differs from the standard Navy Officers cap badge in that the wreath has only outlined gold edges, not a solid gold wreath.

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