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Category: Badges

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Interesting collections, individual badges & medallions
This is a large cast brass plaque, that bears the crests of RAN AIF & RAAF, the Torch and the words "Lest We Forget".

Nothing else is known of it's history.

This treasure trove of memorabilia was collected by Glen Manuel who served with 1st Battalion AIF. The collection was arranged by his family.  

Photo: Glenn McIntosh

The identifiable items are the Rising Sun badges, AUSTRALIA shoulder titles, The Memorial Plaque, a photo and a short biography.


Many of the badges are all mounted on a Stable Belt. Many Diggers purchased souvenir stable belts, particularly in Egypt. They were an item of issue in some Armies but not to AIF or NZEF.
  • Top Row (L to R): Royal West Kent Regt, South Wales Borderers, Royal Artillery, unknown, unknown (possibly a Yeomanry regiment), Essex Regiment, Rifle Brigade, Sussex Regiment, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment.
  • Second Row - shoulder titles (L to R): Unidentified Fusilier Regt, NZ Artillery (?), Women's Auxiliary Army Corps, Royal Marine Light Infantry, unidentified.
  • Third Row - shoulder titles (L to R): unidentified, unidentified, Northumberland Fusiliers, unidentified, unidentified
  • Fourth row - buttons - all unknown
  • Fifth Row - (L to R): Royal Irish Regiment (possible - could also be Connaught Rangers), Royal Army Medical Corps, unidentified, Royal Marines, Royal Scots Fusiliers (the large grenade), unidentified button, unidentified button, unidentified shoulder title, Royal Welch Fusiliers, unidentified, Devonshire Regt
  • Sixth Row - buttons - all unidentified.

2 WW1 medals (BWM & Victory) and a privately funded presentation fob medallion from WW1 of which the reverse is also shown. 13 Australian Light Horse Regiment.
A South Australian WWI 9ct gold Memoriam brooch originating from Jamestown. Jamestown is a town to the north of Adelaide. On the front is inscribed Jamestown District Cheer Up Society 1914-1919. On the back is In Memoriam Pte R.J.L.McKay AIF. There is also the makers name and 9ct mark. It may have originally had a ring at the top to hang on a watch chain and may have been turned into a brooch. It measures approx. 1-3/8" long and nearly 1-1/8" at the widest point. It is not thin and weighs 8.6 grams.
<<< Australian Army Medical Corps badge before the Corps gained "Royal" status.

Unidentified and non-official  badge. It features the YMCA triangle so it is possible that it is a souvenir badge sold to raise funds for the YMCA (who sent reps with the AIF - they actually operated a coffee stall and "reading room" on the beach at Gallipoli ).  

I have no information on this article. The "Winged bullet" of an Air Gunner WW1, the Reserved Occupation badge, RAAF Reserve badge, and the WW2  Volunteer badge.

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