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Category: Badges

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Army Skill at Arms badges Page 2

Badges as Shooting Competition Prizes

In Colonial times and pre WW1 Rifle Associations were paramilitary and were supported by Governments as training facilities for a citizen's Army.

"The Queen's Thirty", Victorian Rifle Association 1890 "The Queen's Thirty" Victorian Rifle Association 1894
"The King's Thirty" 1903 Victorian Rifle Association Kolapore Shooting Competition badge 1897
Australian Commonwealth Open shooting competition badge 1901 Wimbledon (UK) Shooting Competition 1886
This badge was won by Junior Cadet John Abbott Longworth at the Bisley Shooting Competition in 1911. At the time Longworth was in England with the Australian Cadet Contingent to the coronation of King George V. Longworth enlisted in the AIF on 27 March 1916 and served with 34 Battalion. He was killed in action on 12 October 1917 and is buried at Tyne Cot Cemetery in Belgium
"King's Thirty" National Rifle Association of NSW 1910 NRA of WA 1904. Commonwealth Match badge. NRA of Western Australia, 1909. "King's Badge" won at Karrakatta.
NRA of WA Commonwealth Match badge of 1905 NRA of WA. Open Shoot 1908 Queensland Rifle Association.1880

Skill at Arms badges Post WW2

"King's Shoot" NRA of WA 1908 Embroidered on khaki 1960 Rifle Skill at Arms badge 1960
Carbine Skill at Arms 1960 Sniper qualification badge 1960 on khaki Sniper qualification badge 1960, worsted.
  • Skill at Arms badges from this period could have letters surmounted above the crossed rifles to indicate specialty. They were worn on the left upper arm above any rank badge.
"C" indicated carbine "P" indicated Pistol
"L" indicated Light Machine Gun "R" indicated Rifle
"M" indicated Machine Gun "S" indicated Sniper level

The letters were sometimes embroidered on the badge at point of manufacture and sometimes they were metal and sewn on.

Skill at Arms qualification badge with brass "R" for rifle, circa 1960, to be worn on battledress uniform.

Australian Army sniper badge, of the type worn in the 1970's or 80's on the patrol blues dress uniform. Bullion on navy blue gabardine cloth with, unusually, a bullion border

RAAF Skill at arms badge c.2000

Skill at Arms c.2000

Skill at Arms Sniper c.2000

Sniper desert cam. c.2000

Top 20 Shots in Army c.2000

All badges can be issued in several colours to suit the colours of various uniforms. As an example we have here 4 versions of the Skill at Arms badge (marksmanship). The olive drab badge is standard. The 2 coloured badges are for different Officers uniforms, the red one being Mess Dress. The last is desert pattern.

New Zealand marksman badges

Best Shot in the Battalion badges in khaki and scarlet (circa 1880)

NZ Colonial skill at arms badge

NZ Army marksman 2004 RNZ Air Force marksman 2004

2 variations of the NZ Sniper badge

Some images from Australian Army Badges: Cloth insignia of the Army in Australia 1860-1993 by J K Cossum ISBN 0 949530 14 X

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