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Category: Badges

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Hat, shoulder & rank badges from Fiji
Fiji Defence Force crest 2nd Bn Fiji Infantry Regt (2FIR) collar dogs
Hat badge; Fiji Defence Force Fiji Artillery Regiment 
Ratu Sakuna is a Fijian. 
  • He was 
    • born a Chief of the Royal House of Bau, 
    • graduated from Oxford, 
    • was a barrister in London, 
    • joined the French Foreign Legion in World War One,
    • was decorated for gallantry, and 
    • returned to Fiji to serve his people.

Image and text: Shaun Aumua.

Fiji shoulder titles

Fiji artillery collar dogs

Fiji Volunteers Glengarry badge, with Queen Victoria crown.

This unit was formed just after 1900, and was the forerunner of the Fijian Constabulary.

Struck in non voided brass, with copper lugs. Not maker marked, but a good quality British type strike.
  • Badges of rank in the Fiji Defence Force are based on the British/Australian models but differ in significant ways.
Lance Corporal Corporal Sergeant Warrant Officer 2
Warrant Officer 1 2nd Lieutenant Lieutenant Captain
Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier
This Fiji badge group is actually a very rare Helmet Plate, a WW2 cap and a QE2 beret badge anodised.

Fiji tunic button

Fiji Bn.  UNIFIL Contingent

3 Variations of the Fiji colour patch

Fiji Navy epaulettes

MFO Fiji Contingent

Fiji Infantry Regiment Combat Badge. Note the resemblance to the Australian Infantry Combat Badge.

Fiji Volunteers hat badge pre WW1>>>

Images are thumbnails. Click to enlarge.

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Fiji Volunteers pre WW1 Fiji Volunteer Force 1911

In both photos of the variation of head-dress should be noted, especially the number of slouch hats. Officers and NCOs are European, probably New Zealanders, possibly some from UK. Also note the variations of facial hair.

Some images from Phillip Jones. Others from CWO (CW4) H H "Sarge" Booker 2nd. Some from Shaun Aumua.


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