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Category: Badges

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Cloth shoulder patches. Page 5 (National flags) 

With the increasing number of deployments of Australian and/or  New Zealand units into UN or multi-national forces the need for a totally distinctive shoulder patch becomes greater. What better than the National flag? 

 RAN wear the National flag  in White Ensign version. Army just wear the National Flag and RAAF wear the RAAF Ensign which includes the flag design in light blue with the RAAF roundel added.

Australian National Flag shoulder patch RAAF Ensign shoulder patch

UNMCTT Afghanistan 1993 UNIIMOG & UNTSO Lebanon & Golan Hts 1982 to 1986 UNOSOM1 Somalia 1992/93

Iraq On DPDU cloth, Afghanistan 2003 On DPDU without "AUSTRALIA"
Australian military uniform national patch

Produced in Iraq version

Australian subdued pattern flag patch from Iraq War

Unofficial Auscam flag patch used by the troops to identify kit.

Australian subdued pattern national flag patch as worn by RAN Clearance Diving Branch in the Persian Gulf in 2004. Image: Ian Shrallow Australian National Flag patch with Arabic script. (Possibly unofficial)

Australian National Flag patch with Arabic script. (unofficial)

3 Sqn RAAF

NZ Navy national flag shoulder patch 

NZ flag patch for overseas service (possibly police)

NZ flag patch for overseas service (Army)

2 variations of the NZ shoulder flash

Unofficial Vietnam Vet's flag patch (Australia)
NZ Defence Force Explosive Ordnance Disposal embroidered cotton and bullion patch 1992 - worn flight suits, overalls. As seen in NZ Army Distinguishing Patches by Thomas and Lord.

Nice large patch 95mm x 70mm - NZ modern cloth insignia is produced in small volumes.

Australian Army Issue Foreign National Patches

Australian Army Issue Foreign National Patches.

These patches are issued to Foreign National Defence members when they attend our Defence Force Training institutions e.g. RMC Duntroon and The Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra (both are officer training schools). 

These patches are worn on the left shoulder instead of the Rising Sun "Biscuit" as it's known.  

Some images from Australian Army Badges: Cloth insignia of the Army in Australia 1860-1993 by J K Cossum ISBN 0 949530 14 X

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