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Category: Badges

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Cloth shoulder patches. Page 2. Worn 1950 onwards

  • Where patches are shown in pairs they face inwards. This is because they are shoulder patches and the emblem must face forwards.

British Commonwealth Forces (KC) patch in silk, manufactured in Japan

New Zealand  K Force shoulder badge

4 variations of the Tudor Crown version of the British Commonwealth Forces patch. (Note the spelling "COMMONWELTH" on the lower right variation).

1st Commonwealth Division (KC)

1st Commonwealth Division (KC) Brit Commonwealth Forces (QC)

1st C'wealth Division (KC)

1st Commonwealth Division (QC)

1st C'wealth Division (QC) #3

1st C'wealth Division (QC) #4

3RAR Brassard with PUC


27 Infantry Brigade

27 Brigade HQ personnel. GHQ Far East Land Forces (FARELF)

GHQ Far East Land Forces bullion Overseas Commonwealth Land Forces

Australian Defence Liaison Group (Singapore)

<<< Official patch

Sports patch to be worn on PT gear >>>


Malaya Command

Australian Victory Contingent to London 1946

17th Division HQ (Malaya)

Australian Military Forces (khaki)
Australian Military Forces (JG) The Australian Army (JG) The Australian Army

The Australian Army DPDU 

 The Australian Army pattern

The Aust. Army (mess dress)


Papua New Guinea Defence Force 1970 Papua New Guinea Defence Force 1980 Papua New Guinea Defence Force 1985
Papua New Guinea Defence Force circa 2000

Singapore District

Several versions were used over the years

The badges of 17 Gurkha Division are shown here because 28 COMWEL Bde was under their command.


28 Commonwealth Infantry Brigade (3 variations)
28 Commonwealth Infantry Bde 28th ANZUK Brigade


1952 Royal Visit (postponed) 1954 Royal Car Company (driver) 1954 Royal Car Company (Admin)
Royal Visit Car Unit after it was transferred to Dept of Supply Jungle Warfare School Kota Tinggi, Johore, Malaya Directorate of Borneo Operations
Some images from Australian Army Badges: Cloth insignia of the Army in Australia 1860-1993 by J K Cossum ISBN 0 949530 14 X


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