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Category: Badges

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Other cloth badges of the Australian Army

Obsolete rank insignia of an Australian Army Surgeon General as worn on the long obsolete battledress uniform. Crossed sword and baton devices on Medical dull cherry backing.
Embroidered badge for Royal Military College, Duntroon (possibly a sports badge).

This is noteworthy for the stylized Crown.

Tasmania. Efficiency badge with star, 1887. 1 star for each year efficient. AMF 1931. Efficiency chevrons. I stripe for each year efficient. Overseas Service stripes WW1. Red for service in 1914, 1 blue for each year.

Overseas Service stripes WW2. Blue on khaki Wound stripes WW1. 1 stripe per wound. Anzac Leave rosettes.
AIF Volunteer Demobilized Recruit AIF AIF medically unfit
Battalion Competitions,  Senior Cadets. White on dark brown Battalion Comp. CMF 1912/13

Cadet Battalion, Brigade and Divisional Championship badges

Battalion Champion Team Battalion Champion Team with (empty) year scroll

  • Brigade Champion Team with folded scroll but no year scroll.
Brigade Champion Team Brigade Champion Team with (empty) year scroll
Division Champion Team, plain scroll Division Champion Team, folded scroll
Division Champion Rifle Team, folded scroll & year scroll  with date

Cadet Efficiency badge circa 1955. I year stripe. Cadet Efficiency Stripes. 1 stripe for each year efficient.

2 versions of the Australian Army Cadet Corps cloth shoulder badge. Both versions were made in opposing pairs (facing pairs) so that the Torch of Learning was always superior to the Sword of Military Training and so that the Torch always faced the front. The one on the left is the earlier version. That has now changed and the sword "leads".

Nursing & Massage Services of WW1

3 different versions of the Australian Army Nursing Service 1914/18

Australian Army Massage Service 1914/18 (now called physiotherapists)

Cap tally and 2 cooks badges of the RAN Naval Brigade WW2

Cap Tallies (Army)

  • For a period from pre-Federation to 1914 the Army sometimes wore Navy style cap tallies. They were usually worn on the white "cabbage-tree" hat (giggle hat, fore-runner to the bush hat). 


  • In some cases they were also worn on the ORs peaked cap as seen here on the cap of a 1914 Recruiting Sergeant.


New South Wales Artillery c.1890

Royal Australian Artillery 1903

Royal Australian Engineers 1903


Volunteer Defence Corps Embroidered on felt Women's Land Army woven hat badge WW2 Women's Land Army shoulder badge, WW2

Returned Services League Volunteer Defence Force WW2 without colour patch

Returned Services League Volunteer Defence Force WW2 with colour patch of former unit

Women's Emergency Signaling Corps 1940 Post Office Volunteer Corps armband WW2 Red on khaki

UN patch as worn by UNRRA

4 CAV- 4th Cavalry Regiment RAAC

Aide De Camp armband Red Cross "Geneva Cross" badge
Armband badge of the Civil Defence Force Road Transport Driver
Australian made badges for USMC in Australia WW2


Both badges circa 1942

Defense Battalion, 1st Marines (USMC) Raider Battalion 1st Marines (USMC)
Some images from Australian Army Badges: Cloth insignia of the Army in Australia 1860-1993 by J K Cossum ISBN 0 949530 14 X

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