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War related Civilian Badges Page 7

These two badges are a bit of a mystery. Both are apparently official and manufactured in quantities up to 60,000. But neither were issued in large quantity, if at all. On the left above is an Australian Military Forces "For Service" badge that was supposedly to be awarded to militia men. It probably was never issued. Above right is a badge that was supposed to be worn in civilian clothing by members of a proposed Reserve for the Militia that was to be administered by the RSSILA (now RSL). It is my belief that the Volunteer Defence Corps (VDC) assumed this role and made the badges redundant because they were misnamed. If you have more or different information please Email me.
TPI Association Queen Mary's Needlework Guild
QMNG. Queen Mary's Needlework Guild. During the First World War Queen Mary's Needlework Guild was established, with branches in many parts of the world, to make and distribute clothes and other items to Servicemen. 

Both images courtesy John King of the UK


The Charity was founded in 1882 as The London Guild, and in 1897 HRH The Duchess of York - later Queen Mary - became Patron.

She took a close personal interest and it was said to be her favourite charity.

In 1914 The London Guild became Queen Mary’s London Needlework Guild and it supplied the troops at the front, in addition to the needy at home. The years between the wars saw the Guild at full strength, providing an average of 60,000 garments a year - double the modern total.

On the death of Queen Mary in 1953, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother became Patron, and in 1966 HRH The Princess Margaret also became actively involved.

In 1986, the name of the Guild was changed to Queen Mary’s Clothing Guild, as this was considered more descriptive of the work of the Charity. The Guild was one of the Queen Mother’s favourite charities, and she remained Patron until her death in 2002.

In 2003, HRH Princess Alexandra became the new Royal Patron.

Australian Prisoner of War (POW) Association badge and various RSL/RSA badges.

3 variations, now all obsolete, of St John Ambulance Warrant Officer badges

Victory Over Japan (VJ) day  badge. 15 Aug 1945

Burma Star Association


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