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War related Civilian Badges Page 6

"The Old Contemptibles"

The first British campaign of the First World War, the fighting retreat from Mons to the river Marne, was conducted by units of the regular army. These experienced troops, the 'Old Contemptibles', as they became known, received a special campaign medal, the 1914 Star, (commonly referred to as the 'Mons Star', and not to be confused with the 1914-15 Star which was received by thousands of Australian servicemen) for their service in France and Belgium between 5 August and 23 November 1914.

A number of associations were formed post-war by the recipients of the 1914 Star. Although very few Australians qualified for the medal, a large number of English veterans emigrated in the post-war years, and formed their own associations in this country. This badge (above left) was owned by Captain William Coe of the Royal Artillery, who had seen pre-war service in India and later served throughout the First World War, and in Russia in 1919. He migrated to Australia in the 1920s, and died in Sydney in 1946.

Raynes Park Veteran Volunteers Force 1914

Nurse badge named to: Pte. E.M.CARR. (VF11166) WW2 service with the 2nd Australian Outpatients Depot, Victoria.

Old Comrades Association for Submariners

  • Old Comrades Association for Submariners 1902-1918.
    • Note the absence of a crown
    • Note the different submarine

Image supplied by Tony McCabe

  • Old Comrades Association for Submariners 1902-1918.
    • Note the crown


Women's Emergency Signaling Corps

Brisbane Area Army Pistol Club

<<< Essendon Citizens Military Association

Below. Badge of the Association of men who joined up in 1939.

British Women's Land Army

RSSAILA Merit Badge

<<< Note. This is either a joke or a planned souvenir gone wrong. Edward VIII was never crowned. He reigned from January 1936 to December 1936 and abdicated to marry Mrs. Wallis Simpson a 2 times divorcee from USA.

On his abdication his painfully shy younger brother Albert "Bertie" took the throne using his last Christian name, George. He reigned (very successfully) as George VI until his death in 1952.

HM Edward VII: Crowned May 1937 badge


See below for another POW Assoc badge

TPDA. Totally & Permanently Disabled Soldiers Association (with year plate missing) Australian Prisoners of War lapel badge

badges of the British Home Guard

Cheer Up Our Boys Society, Adelaide AIF Voluntary Ballot

Fighting Forces Comforts Fund Man's patriotic fob circa 1915

St John Ambulance Brigade - Cadet Army Blood Donor WW2

Bradford Hospital Fund Incorporated NAAFI (Navy Army Air Force Institutes) the British organisation that provides commercial service to the Armed Forces

First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY)

2 different Rats of Tobruk Association (ROTA) badges

Active Service Canteen Volunteer Worker

League of Loyal Women of Australia badge with 2 unit pendants. Extra Unit pendants for LLWA badges Unit pendant with enameled colour patch for LLWA badge.

58/59 Battalion ACMF Association

Car badges; civilian & military

Artillery car badge (possibly British), St Edwards (Queens) Crown.

Car badge from the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation celebrations.

Car badges were placed on the front bumper bars of vehicles. These two are representative of civilian & military versions. On the left is the Ex Prisoners of War (NSW) Association car badge. On the right is the RMC Duntroon badge. The enamel backing is obviously badly chipped.

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