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War related civilian badges Page 3

  • Above Left top. VAD shoulder title
  • Above Right. Sleeve title with backing plate that goes inside the sleeve
  • Above Left lower. VAD button
Click to enlarge Voluntary Aid Detachment. (VAD) This badge did not feature in the Argus list probably because it falls into a category that is neither military not civilian. However the women of the VAD did good work  in both wars as nursing assistants and were much appreciated by the troops.

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Aust. Comforts Fund

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge L to R. These 3 badges are all for members of the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD); tie pin, shoulder title and long service badge (1 bar per year)
Rejected Volunteers Assoc of NSW WW1

This badge was not on the Argus list but deserves to be here anyway. Membership was open to NSW men who had been rejected from participating in active service in WW1. >>>

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This is another badge that did not make the Argus list. It is the Enemy Raids Precautions Services (ERP) badge.

Volunteer Air Observers scheme Voluntary Worker; War Savings scheme
  • Inspection Branch, Department of the Army, WW2
On War Service badge 1914 (British?) On War Service badge 1915 (British?)
The badge of Australian Naval Transport 1912/1918. These men were not officially in the military nor were they 100% civilian.

Partially Blinded Soldiers Association

South African Soldiers Association of Australia.

Note. South African referred to the war they had fought in (Boer War) not the nationality of members.

Photo by Tony McCabe

Various organisations issued badges and medals as fund raising activities to support the troops overseas. Below are some examples from the Red Cross and the Victorian Lawn Tennis association.
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This badge and others like it were sold by the Australian Comforts Fund to raise money to supply the troops overseas with some little luxuries that were not in the standard Army issue 

This was a fund raising button sold by the Australian Red Cross to support the French Red Cross in 1918 after the war was over.
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This is a range of fund raising badges from over the years

anzacday-1948.jpg (8256 bytes) tin-hat.jpg (13743 bytes) rsb-pin.jpg (9566 bytes) redcross-pin.jpg (6352 bytes) legacy01.jpg (9338 bytes)
ANZAC A Tin Hat RSB / Poppy Day Red Cross Legacy
A range of fund raising buttons from various institutions.

More pins and buttons on 


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