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War Related Civilian Badges

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Different Returned Soldiers Association badges from Australia. Photo by Raymond Butler

War Munitions Volunteers Badge WW2

Returned from Active Service (WW2) 

For members of Navy Army RAAF and Nursing Service returned to Australia from Active Service.

Discharged, Returned from Active Service badge WW1

For soldiers and nurses who returned to Australia from active service and were honourably discharged.


  • Collectors and families of servicemen should be aware that there are many reproductions available for sale on the web and elsewhere. There is nothing wrong with a reproduction so long as it is identified as such,  as this one (above right) was.
  • WW2 War Service Badge issued to former soldiers who had served within the boundaries of Australia and who were, therefore, not eligible for the RAS badge. To be worn on civilian clothing.
Silver War Badge WW1

Authorised by the King for both Navy and Army and granted to Officers and men of the British Indian and overseas forces who had served since August 4 1914 and who had, in the case of Officers, retired or relinquished their commissions or in the case of men had been discharged on account of age, wounds or sickness, such as to render them permanently unfit for further service.


rssila.jpg (14113 bytes) RSSILA Badge (fore-runner to the RSL)

Worn by members of the Returned Sailors, Soldiers Imperial League of Australia, those eligible being members of all services, both wars, including nurses, who have returned from active service outside Australia.

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Australian Legion of Ex-Servicemen & Women

An organisation  something similar to RSSILA (RSL)


Discharged Returned Sailor (WW1). Granted to RAN members who had seen Active Service afloat.

photo by Tony McCabe

This Merchant Navy badge was issued to and worn by a seaman,1st Engineer (Chief Engineer) Leslie Royal Binkin, working for AUSN Co Ltd, before ,during and after the war.

Photo supplied by Jo Binkin


Tie pin worn by Australian merchant seaman Valwyn Gordon Fletcher, who sailed on British, Norwegian, Swedish, Belgian, Panamanian and Danish vessels during the Second World War.
Merchantile Marine War Zone badge. WW1. Granted to Officers and men of the Merchantile Marine who served in the designated areas.

Photo by Paul Widdup

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Demobilised Soldier's Association

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Photo by Paul Widdup

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Munitions Workers Australia badge and the badge of the Association

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Photos by Tony McCabe


Above right; obverse of War Worker's badge

Below right; reverse of War Worker's badge









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The Kings Badge 'For Loyal Service' Issued to Philip Royston Matthews who served with the British Army in the Second World War. 

The Loyal Service Badge was issued to those who were no longer fit for service, due to age or injury.

This included Aussies and Kiwis.

This badge was issued to civilians in the UK (including some Australians) who were involved in vital war related work and so were unable to serve in uniform. It was issued and worn to avoid the dreaded "white feather".

Travel pass issued in 1980 to surviving members of the AIF.

When reading this page please remember that the captions were written in 1942 for a supplement to the "ARGUS" that was published on Saturday April 11, 1942.  So the words 'last war' mean WW1 and the words 'this war' mean WW2.
  • This information was provided by the Australian War Memorial Information Service

These reproductions are not very good. Maybe you can help. It is probable that you know someone that has one of these badges , probably stuck away in a back cupboard somewhere. If so why not share your treasure with the world by sending me a colour photo of it. I will, of course, pay you the courtesy of naming you as the donor of the photo.

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