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Category: Badges/Canada

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Badges of the Canadian Expeditionary Force of WW1 (CEF) Bns 201-225

201 Bn CEF Toronto Light Infantry

202 Bn CEF Edmonton Sportsmen's



203 Bn CEF Hamilton (collar& hat)

204 Bn CEF The Toronto Beavers

205 Bn CEF

206 Bn CEF


207 Bn CEF Ottawa & Carleton

208 Bn CEF Canadian Irish



209 Bn CEF Swift Current

210 Bn CEF The Frontiersmen

Notes on 210 Bn CEF badge. The cap badge of the 210th is of some interest as it is unique among those worn by the CEF battalions in the 1914-1918 war. It embodies in the central device an enameled replica of the insignia that appears on the signet ring worn by General Gordon in China and the Sudan, bearing the words "God Guard Thee." The badge was designed by Lieutenant-Colonel Seaborn and adopted by the battalion. Image and info from Dave Pickering


211 Bn CEF

212 Bn CEF American Legion

213 Bn CEF

214 Bn CEF Saskatchewan



215 Bn CEF

216 Bn CEF The Bantams



217 Bn CEF

218 Bn CEF Edmonton Alberta


219 Bn CEF Overseas Highland Bn

220 Bn CEF The York Rangers & rare variation


221 BN CEF

222 Bn CEF Southern Manitoba


223 Bn CEF Canadian Scandinavians

 224 Canadian Forestry Battalion


225 Bn CEF Kootenay Battalion Brit. Columbia

More CEF badges CEF 226-250


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