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Category: Badges/Canada

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Other Units that served with the CEF

13th Brigade Ammunition Column CEF

Couburg Heavy (Artillery) Battery  CEF

Canadian Field Artillery (collar)

9th Overseas Siege Battery

67th Overseas Battery CEF (artillery)

67th Overseas Battery CEF (artillery) (collar)

Image Hosting by Vendio

Image Hosting by Vendio

3rd Canadian Siege Battery

3rd Canadian Siege Battery (variation)

70th Overseas Field Battery (collar)

CEF Artillery (General Service)

McGill University CEF Overseas Siege battery, 2 versions, (note 1 word & 2 word "overseas"

4th Division Ammunition Column CEF

66th Overseas Field Battery CEF Artillery

1st Tank Battalion Officer's Collar Badge - Silver. The 1st Tank Battalion was organised on July 1st, 1918, and disbanded on November 20th, 1920.

Armoured Car Battalion

Invicta Sharpshooters

CEF Dental Corps Overseas

Toronto Home Guard (CEF)

Brass other ranks collar badges to the Nanaimo Independent Infantry Company Officers pattern in gilt to the Camp Valcartier Staff (Babin E.42-4)  These badges were one of the very first CEF pattern badges produced.

6 Bn Railway Troops CEF (hat & collars)

2nd Skilled Railway Employees Battalion CEF

CEF Postal Corps

2nd Divisional Cyclist Company

1st Canadian Pioneers

1st Depot Bn Alberta Regiment

No.2 Construction Battalion CEF

A set of badges for a Lieutenant in the CEF. The INF (infantry) shoulder title appears to be at odds with the Engineers bursting grenade collar dogs and the Canadian Engineers hat badge.

11 Railway Battalion CEF

Canadian Cyclist Companies CEF

  • Right to left from top to bottom.
    • 1st Division Cyclist Company
    • 2nd Division Cyclist Company
    • 3rd Division Cyclist Company
    • 4th Division Cyclist Company
    • 5th Division Cyclist Company

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