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Category: Badges

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Military Badges of Canada Page 9

An assortment of Canadian Army badges of WW2. They are from the Saskatoon Light Infantry, Manitoba Dragoons, ???, ????,  Canadian Infantry Corps,  Princess Louise's New Brunswick Hussars, Winnipeg Grenadiers, Regiment de Maisonneuve, 20th Saskatchewan Dragoons,  and The Canadian Fusiliers, the City of London Regiment. Elgin Regiment,

British Columbia Aviation School CEF (collar pair) 101st Edmonton Fusiliers (Officer's cap)

CEF Machine Gun Corps

Royal Highlanders of Canada

Canadian Great War Veteran badge

Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve

Canadian Militia; Haldimand Rifles (cap) (collar) (shoulder title)

Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, Wentworth Regt

Air Training Corps Chaplain

Lincoln & Welland Regiment

Prince Albert's Volunteer's Pipe Band

Canadian Mounted Rifle Regiment (collar) Unidentified collar dog

Women's Volunteer Reserves of Canada CEF "Service at the Front" badge. Canadian equivalent to the Australian "Returned from Active Service" badge

Dufferin Rifles of Canada: hat badge, collar pair and shoulder title.

2nd Divisional Cyclists Air Force Trainee: War Emergency Program

Weyburn Regiment (facing collar pair)

Upper Canada College Rifles (QC)

50 Bn Gordon Highlanders (facing collar pair)

Governor General's Body Guard

Machine Gun Corps of Canada

4th Divisional Train C. Army Service Corps 33rd Huron Regiment (collar)

Set of badges from 1907 of the 13th Regiment (Hamilton)

Toronto Scottish

CCCS Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

Peterborough Rangers


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