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Canadian Shoulder Flash Assortment

Canadian Provost Corps, Loyal Edmonton Regiment, Royal Rifles of Canada, Highland Fusiliers of Canada, Royal Canadian Engineers, Royal Canadian Regiment, Royal Canadian Army Pay Corps, Winnipeg Grenadiers, Logistics (From the Garrison Dress uniform), Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals and the Royal Canadian Postal Corps.
12 cloth shoulder titles of the Canadian Forces inc Army from different eras. They include titles for: Calgary Highlanders, Les Fusiliers de Sherbrooke, Royal New Brunswick Regiment, Sherbrooke Hussars, Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, Royal Canadian Signals Corps, Royal Canadian Regiment, Algonquin Regiment, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, Prince Edward Island Regiment, the 17th Canadian Reconnaissance Regiment and from the Canadian Navy, the Canadian Forces Auxiliary Fleet of Vessels.
Canvas, WW2 issue, Infantry Corps flashes Canvas, WW2 issue, Royal Canadian Engineers
Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps

20th Armoured Regiment Saskatchewan

Royal Canadian Regiment, Lorne Scots of Canada, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, Windsor Regiment, Caudiere Regiment, Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, Essex and Kent Scottish, Lord Strathcona's Horse, and Seaforth Highlanders.

Regina Rifle Regiment of Canada

Princess of Wales Own Regiment of Canada

2 Bn Royal 22e Regiment of Canada

18 Armoured Car Regiment 12Div Canada

1 Bn Canadian Guards Fort Garry Horse
Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps Royal Canadian Dental Corps

WW2 printed version

Calgary Highlanders

1 Canadian Parachute Battalion

Airborne 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion

Westminster Regiment (WW2, canvas)

Westminster Regiment (early WW2, slip on)

Westminster Regiment (Holland late WW2) Royal Canadian Signals

The Windsor Regiment

Canadian Provost Corps

1 Bn Royal 22e Regiment of Canada

1st Special Forces Unit (US & Canadian)

6 Bn Royal 22e Regiment of Canada

8th Canadian Hussars

Royal Canadian Dragoons

South Alberta Regiment 1st Canadian Army - colour patch WW1

Canadian Officers Training Corps

Colour patch, Canadian Pacific Force

8th Corps matching set (uncut) shoulder patches
  • Circa 70's - 80's Large shoulder Badge, outline of Queen's Rangers cap badge embroidered in red with Russian Cyrillic letters in red. 
  • Reportedly worn by members of the Queen's Rangers who played the role of Russian aggressors during a joint Canadian US exercise at Fort Drum New York

21st Army Group as worn by Canadians 21st Army Group variation


7th Canadian Division 1st Armoured Division (early war)

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