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War Service Badges

  • On Tuesday, August 16, 1916, Canada's outgoing Governor General, His Excellency, The Duke of Connaught, enacted Order in Council P.C. 1944. 

This established three classes of persons entitled to War Badges.

  1. Men honourably discharged from the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF)
  2. Men who offered themselves for active service but were rejected
  3. Men who desired to or had offered to enlist who were refused because their services were more valuable in their present employment.

Six months later, on Tuesday, February 27, 1917, Canada's Deputy Governor General, C. Fitzpatrick, approved Order in Council P.C. 275 which superseded P.C. 1944. This established the design of the badges, redefined the classes entitled to them and established a fourth class.

Three months later, on Tuesday, May 15, 1917, Order in Council P.C. 1296 redefined the classes entitled to War Badges.

Army Class "A": Awarded to those who saw service at the front.

Army Class "B": Awarded to those who were on active service in Britain or at the front, and were discharged on account of age, wound or sickness.

Army Class C

Navy Class A

Army Class "C": Awarded to those not included in Class A or B who were discharged for reasons other than misconduct. Those who served in Canada only are entitled. Navy Class "AA": Awarded to those who served at sea , in home waters or abroad, and to Canadians who served with the British Navy and were residents of Canada prior to 1914 and did return to reside in Canada.

RCAF Reserve: Awarded to those who were transfered to the Reserve General Class "E" on the completion of their active service. General Service: Awarded to members of the Naval, Military or Air Forces of Canada who have declared their willingness, or who have engaged, to serve in any of the said forces on active service beyond Canada and Overseas, during the present war (WW2).

Applicant for Enlistment English and French

Fire Fighters Canada & Overseas: Awarded to those members of the Corps of Canadian Fire Fighters who, having volunteered to serve in the said Corps, have served overseas or at least six months in Canada and who have been honourably discharged from the said Corps. 1942/45. Applicant for Enlistment English and French: Persons who have voluntarily declared their unqualified willingness to serve in and beyond Canada in the Military Forces of Canada (WW2), and who are refused enlistment by reason of their not possessing, due to no fault of their own, the necessary qualifications.

Korea Service Badge : Korean War veterans who served in Korea and the Far East with the Canadian forces or associated support groups between June 27, 1950, and July 27, 1954 are eligible for the badge.

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