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Category: Badges

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Hat and Collar badges of battalions 13 to 18

13th Infantry Battalion (The Maitland Regiment)

Used from

1930 - 42

"Vigor in Ardius"

 13th Battalion The Macquarie Regiment

Used from

"Vigor in Ardius"

14th Infantry Battalion (The Prahran Regiment )

Plain for ORs, enameled for Officers

Used from

1930- 42

"Stand Fast"

15th Infantry Battalion The Oxley Regiment

Used from


"Caveant Hostes"

16th Battalion The Cameron Highlanders of Western Australia

16th Battalion Piper's badge set.
Used from

17th Battalion The North Sydney Regiment

2 genuine left, (note different crowns) & 1 repro above

Used from

"Facta Probant"

  18th Battalion The Kuring-Gai Regiment


<<< Above. Void and original. (struck)

<<< Below. Solid reproduction. (cast)

Used from

"Legionis Lampada Tradamus"

18th Battalion North Sydney Infantry Regiment NSW

Used from

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