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Category: State Regiments

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Tattoo for Tassie's 200th

By Capt Phil Pyke and Lt Tristian Harridine of ARMY the Soldiers Newspaper

12th/40th Battalion Royal Tasmania Regiment Beating the Retreat while parading the Army Banner and their Unit Colours. Photo provided by Capt Phil Pyke, CSIG-Tas

TASMANIA'S bicentenary has been marked with a rousing military tattoo held at Anglesea Barracks. Two thousand spectators braved the unseasonably brisk night to experience the spectacular demonstration of martial pride.

Local military history groups presented re-enactments of pre-federation British soldiers, a Light Horse detachment, WW1 and 2 soldiers and a 25 powder gun squad. Even Governor Lachlan Macquarie and Capt Antill, the men responsible for founding Anglesea Barracks in 1811, made a guest performance.

Of particular interest was the re-enactment of the 1879 mobilisation of Tasmanian volunteers against rioters in Hobart. 

Army Cadets also made an appearance, parading the Cadet Banner for the first time in the state. 

The highlight of the Tattoo was the Beating the Retreat parade conducted by 12/40RTR, who paraded both the Army Banner and their Unit Colours.

They were ably supported by the Federation Guard and the massed pipes and drums of AAB-Tasmania and the Tasmania Police Pipe Band. The Governor of Tasmania, Richard Butler, CDF Gen Peter Cosgrove and his wife Lynne were among the guests of honour to witness the event.

CO 12/40RTR Lt-Col Robert Zehmeister said the night was one of his proudest moments as Commanding Officer of the unit.


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