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Category: Army Today/State Regts

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4/3rd Battalion Royal New South Wales Regiment   4/3RNSWR

Below. The double stand of Colours of the 3rd and 4th Battalions Currently linked as the 4th/3rd Battalion RNSWR.
The 1987 reorganisation of the Army Reserve, involving a reduction in the number of infantry battalions across Australia,  brought about a linking of the 3rd and 4th Battalions, and a public ceremony on 26 September of that year marked the presence of the new 4/3 RNSWR.

The new battalion, now extending across south-eastern New South Wales, has continued its standard training programmes in pursuit of its operational readiness objectives.

Significant groups of unit members attended the Royal Regiment of Wales Tercentenary celebrations in Cardiff, in 1989, and the 75th Anniversary Commemoration at Gallipoli in 1990, and the unit has had ongoing involvement in Australian and overseas exercise training programmes.

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The Queen's Colours of 4Bn and 3 Bn RNSWR Regimental Colours of 4Bn and 3 Bn RNSWR

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photos: Alan Kitchen who records his thanks to the CO  Lt Col Bell for inviting him to 4/3 Bn Headquarters to take these photo's and to Captain Nigel Earnshaw and his NCO's for for their time and assistance. Holsworthy 24.2.2003

This a Battalion that is the result of linking 2 Battalions, not the 4th version of the 3rd Battalion.

  • According to RNSWR 1994 Part 2 Handbook A Supplement to the Handbook for all Ranks  
    • 4 Bn. RNSWR Lineage started in 1862 as 1st Battalion NSW Rifle Regiment (The Newtown Volunteer Rifle Regiment)   
    • 3 Bn RNSWR Lineage started in 1869 as Goulburn Volunteer Rifle Company .

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