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The 25th Battalion was raised as part of the 7th Brigade, 2nd Australian Division in early 1915. The Battalion saw action in France, at Gallipoli, the Western Front and the Hindenberg Line. The 49th Battalion, 1st AIF, was raised on the 27th February 1916, at Tel-Kebir in Egypt within the 13th Infantry Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division. It disembarked to Marseilles in June 1916 and in the following two years of distinctive service in France and Flanders earned battle honours such as the Somme, Amiens, and Villers Bretonneux.
Diggers from 25/49 RQR in the barbed wire section of an obstacle course.
 At the conclusion of the war, the Battalion returned home and was redesignated a Citizen Military Forces Unit.

In 1930 the 49th Battalion amalgamated with the 25th Battalion, becoming the 25th/49th Battalion. This remained the case until 1934 when the 25th/49th Battalion re-linked with the 9th Battalion to become the 9th/49th Battalion. Taskings included the local defence of the South East Queensland district. On the outbreak of World War II, the Battalions unlinked and prepared for deployment to Port Moresby. The 25th Battalion saw action at Milne Bay and Buni Road with the Battalion's attack on Pearl Ridge and its defence of Slater's Knoll being outstanding feats of this campaign.

The responsibility for the defence of Port Moresby was tasked to the 49th Battalion until Japan invaded New Guinea in 1942. The 49th Battalion spent more time in New Guinea than any other Battalion. The Battalion earned the
battle honours
  • South West Pacific 1942-42, 
  • Buna, 
  • Gona 
  • Sanananda Road.

In 1960 the Australian Military Forces reorganised and the Royal Queensland Regiment was raised. In 1966 the 49th Battalion was roled as a special conditions unit with a secondary role of training national servicemen who, because of occupation or locality were unable to attend weekly training activities. In 1985 the 49th Battalion became the third Infantry Battalion of the 6th Brigade and in 1991 became a Ready Reserve Battalion located at Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera.

As a result of the Chief of the Army's Directive on Restructuring the Army (RTA), the Ready Reserve Scheme has been closed and 25 RQR has again amalgamated with 49 RQR as an integrated Full Time/Part Time unit. As of 1 July 97, 25/49 RQR will have elements based in Brisbane and the Darling Downs. All members of the battalion look positively to a bright future as 25/49 RQR.


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