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"To Find A Path"

The Pacific Islands Regiment Pipeband

Governor-General, Field Marshal Sir William Slim, on behalf of the 7th Ghurka Rifles, presenting a ceremonial kukri to the Pacific Islands Regiment, Australian Regular Army, during his visit to the Territory of Papua New Guinea, 1956.


  • South West Pacific 1942-45, 
  • Kokoda Trail,
  • Kokoda-Deniki, 
  • Nassau Bay, 
  • Tambu Bay, 
  • Finschafen, 
  • Scarlet Beach, 
  • Liberation of Australian New Guinea, 
  • Sio-Sepik River, 
  • Kaboibus-Kiarivu, 
  • Bonis-Porton
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K.S. (Ken) McKenzie – Infantryman – “I find the style and content of We Band of Brothers greatly enjoyable. …It gives an excellent account of infantry soldiering particularly at rifle company level. This is not as easy as it sounds but here the effort has been highly successful. I very much like the emphasis placed on the art of man management and the author’s light-hearted humour. On the more serious side, he has added significantly to the understanding of the Pacific Islands Regiment, Papua New Guinea and their place in the wider scheme of things during an important period of history.


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