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Raised 5RAR & 7RAR linked on 3 Dec 1973
Battalion colour

Gold ( BCC 114) &

Maroon (BCC 39)
Battalion nickname
Battalion march Dominaise Click to hear a small selection
Current home Darwin NT
Mascot .

Now known as 5/7 RAR (Mechanised)

The 5th/7th Battalion, the Royal Australian Regiment (5/7RAR) was formed in 1973 by the amalgamation of the 5th and 7th Battalions which both served in South Vietnam. 

In 1975 the Battalion formed the main part of the Field Force Group Darwin during the clean up following Cyclone Tracy. 

In 1984 5/7RAR became a mechanised battalion and operates the M113 armoured personnel carrier. It does so a an Infantry Unit, not Armoured Corps.

It's role is to seek out and close with the enemy by shock action firepower and manoeuvre, to kill or capture them, to seize and hold ground by day or night regardless of weather or terrain. 

The Battalion completed its move to Darwin in 1999.

The Colours

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7RAR Colours >>

Quintus Secundus, Battalion Mascot of 5 RAR and now of 5/7RAR

Willy the Pig, unofficial 2nd mascot of 5/7RAR. Willy is the second pig in the role.


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