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Headquarters 9th Brigade

The 9th Brigade is an Army Reserve formation consisting of units located in South Australia, Tasmania and also New South Wales. Click on a unit link to discover the exciting possibilities that are waiting for you!

Colour Patch of Headquarters 9 Brigade

Headquarters 9 Brigade

Colour Patch of 3/9 Light Horse

Colour Patch of 16 Field Battery

Colour Patch of 48 Field Battery

Colour Patch of 3 Field Squadron

3/9 Light Horse 16 Field Battery 48 Field Battery 3 Field Squadron

Colour Patch of 144 Signals Squadron

Colour Patch of 10/27 Royal South Australia Regiment

Colour Patch of 12/40 Royal Tasmania Regiment

Colour Patch of 9 Combat Service Support Battalion

144 Signals Squadron 10/27 Royal South Australia Regiment 12/40 Royal Tasmania Regiment 9 Combat Service Support Battalion
On 1 July 1915 the 9th Brigade was raised as part of the Militia in New South Wales, relying upon compulsory service of men between the ages of 18 and 21. At the outset of WW1 the existing Defence Act precluded the dispatching of anyone but volunteers for overseas service and from this the AIF was raised.

The 9th Brigade AIF was raised in May 1916. There were now two 9th Brigades: the 9th Brigade AMF was responsible for training for and the conduct of protective operations in defence of Australia. The 9th Brigade AIF formed part of the 3rd Division completing its pre training at Larkhill, England, prior to deploying to the Western Front in November 1916.

The 9th Brigade AIF consisted of the 33rd, 34th, 35th and 36th Battalions of the AIF. The Brigade saw conspicuous service on the Western Front and in Flanders until the signing of the Armistice. The 9th Brigade AIF was demobilised on its return to Australia and many of the soldiers continued service with the AMF and reserve forces.

Between the wars the 9th Brigade survived a significant number of reorganisations and restructuring changes which were imposed upon the peacetime Army.

The Second World War saw the AIF again reformed at the outbreak of hostilities. The 2nd AIF commenced numbering of Divisions at six, and Brigades at sixteen, hence the 9th Brigade became the 22nd Brigade, 8th Division, 2nd AIF. The Brigade deployed to the defence of Singapore. The fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942 saw many 22nd Brigade soldiers become Prisoners of War to the Japanese until the Japanese surrender in 1945. The 9th Brigade AMF continued its role in the defence of Australia. Again at the completion of WW2 the 22nd Brigade was disbanded and many of those soldiers returned to service with the AMF brigades.

The Brigade had an irregular existence after WW2, finally being disbanded in 1960. The 9th Brigade was reformed on 1 July 1965 as the 9th Task Force and continued to serve in the Central Region until 8 August 1975 when once again it was disbanded.

The current 9th Brigade was raised on 1 February 1988 under command of Land Headquarters Australia. On 1 September 1994 the Brigade moved from under command Land Headquarters to form part of the 2nd Division.

The Brigade now comprises eight direct command units located throughout Central and Tasmania Regions.



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