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Category: Armour

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New Zealand Armour 1983

Cambrai Day Parade 19th November 1983
Queen Alexandra's Squadron
Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps 

by Paul D. Handel of Anzac Steel

Major Graeme Ready inspecting the Squadron from his horse. 

The Scorpions driving past during the parade. The Squadron badge is stencilled on the searchlight cover, and the 76mm barrel is in gunmetal finish.
The M113A1 vehicles driving past the reviewing stand. The US style MERDEC camouflage was used, as it most closely matched the Waiouru training Area desert terrain. The bolt on aluminium panels on the hull front between the headlights and the turn indicators have luminous reverse sides which are used when the vehicles operate on a public road. Only a 0.50 inch machine gun is fitted in its T50 Turret.
"Aardvark", an M577A1 Armoured Command Vehicle with call-sign One Zero Bravo (10B) prior to the parade. The side skirts have been removed, leaving the original green paint finish along the lower hull.
A lone M41A1 tank was paraded on the day. Here the vehicle is parked next to one of the Squadron’s 16 Scorpions, giving a good comparison of the relative size of each tank.
This M548A1 Tracked Load Carrier (TLC) has a hard top over its cabin area instead of the more normal canvas roof. The vehicle commander standing in the ring mount with 0.50 inch machine gun is holding the vehicle’s radio aerial to avoid collision with overhead power lines.
The Squadron displayed some of its former equipment, and we see here a Ferret Mark 1 Liaison Vehicle finished in bronze green colour and mounting an 0.30 inch Browning Machine Gun. 
The Ferret Scout Car Mark 2 in camouflage, parked near an M41A1 Tank. The sand channels are stowed on the hull front, but the vehicle lacks any armament.

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