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Royal Australian Armoured Corps Museum 

The Royal Australian Armoured Corps have a wonderful museum. If you have any interest in Australian Armour you owe yourself a visit. This page is to bring it to your attention. It is not an attempt to steal their thunder. Gawd knows I have enough problems in life without getting on the wrong side of blokes who drive 35 ton tanks, with big guns, for a living. 

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Australian Scout Car - Dingo Machine Gun Carrier LP No 1
1 ton truck sentinel
Tracked truck, 1 ton GS Australian Cruiser Tank Mark I - Sentinel
Tank Bridge-layer, Covenanter Infantry Tank Mk II- Matilda Dozer No. 3 Mk I
matilda hedgehog
Infantry Tank Mk II- Matilda Hedgehog Centurion Tank Dozer
Alligator Landing Vehicle Tracked Mk A4 Walker Bulldog M41A1 Light tank

Visit the RAAC Museum web-site


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