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Cruiser style Tanks: Churchill, Cromwell, Crusader

Between World Wars I and II, the British were in quite a quandary over the tactical significance of their new "mechanical toy," the tank.

 While German strategists were deciding that war was going to go to the mobile and tanks would provide the required mobility, the British figured that future war was going to resemble World War I with entrenched lines.


 Thus they channelled their tank development in two directions: "infantry" tanks, having a top speed at about a infantryman's running speed, were to support infantry across no-man's land while "cruiser" tanks, like their naval brethren, were to engage and destroy other tanks (cruiser and infantry).

British "cruiser" tanks tended to be far faster than their "infantry" counterparts and were usually heavy armoured whenever possible, befitting the British design philosophy.

They were mostly variations on a theme. Various models were, Centaur, Covenantor, Crusader, Cromwell, Challenger

British cruiser tank Mk.VIII Cromwell Mk.IV, which fought alongside the British infantry tank Churchill from the June 6th 1944 till the end of WWII and during the Korean War.




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