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Enemy Aircraft of WW2, German & Japanese

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Stuka ME 109 FW 190
  • The Germans started the war with a huge air force (called the Luftwaffe) and with dozens of plane types.


  •  A full accounting of them is not desirable here. 


  • The ones here are the main ones used against the Australian Army and the RAAF in North Africa.


  • and one, the Rotor Kite that is here for it's interest value.



  • Japanese flyers started the war better trained, more experienced and better equipped than their opponents. They had some spectacular early success and built reputations for their planes that did not stand up to the harsh realities of life when the allied airmen got some decent equipment and some training and experience.
  • The Zero was the prime example. While it was a real killer against old slow pre war planes, it was no match for the later models that rolled of the production lines in the USA and Britain.
  • Click on the thumbnails or the navigation bar to get details of a plane. These have been chosen to go here because these are the planes that were used against the Australian Infantry Battalions in the Pacific war, particularly New Guinea and Bougainville. There were, of course, other Japanese planes.

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