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Category: Air support/recent

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The Seasprite. The new helicopter for the RAN

The Navy's new Seasprite helicopter arrives in Nowra Friday, 24 October  2003 








It may be three years late but the first of the Navy's new Super Seasprite helicopters has been accepted by the Royal Australian Navy at HMAS Albatross in Nowra, on the NSW South Coast.

Federal Minister for Defence, Robert Hill says the Seasprite is the most advanced maritime helicopter in the world, boasting sophisticated anti-ship weapons and the delay was caused by the installation of this state of the art technology.

The first of 11 helicopters to eventually be housed at the base, the Seasprite will become fully operational in 2005 and will provide the primary anti-surface weapon system for the ANZAC class frigates.

The helicopters have attracted some criticism from the Federal Opposition who say the refurbished aircraft frames are over 40 years old and Shadow Defence Minister Chris Evans says Senator Hill has exposed tax payers to the risk of accepting helicopters that have not met clear tender requirements.

But Senator Robert Hill says they can still do the job.

"They've been certified for 40 thousand hours, 25 years of operation, they are in effect brand new. You've only got to look at the aircraft or talk to the pilots. You know, there's no question about that at all."

Liberal member for Gilmore, Joanna Gash says the Seasprite Helicopter will bring enormous benefit to the Shoalhaven economy, in the range of 10 million dollars a year.

She says the squadron will bring an additional 110 people to the base plus their families "And also of course the contractors on the base who will be working on the helicopters outside of the base."

Minister for defence, Robert Hill says he can't comment on any plans to expand HMAS Albatross near Nowra to increase both army and air force components effectively making it a super base. ( 2 min Video of Seasprite)


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